Errol Louis: The Sun Did Some Excellent Sleuthing On The Spitzer-Prostitution Story


Errol Louis of The New York Daily News credited The New York Sun on WNYC about today’s astonishing announcement that Governor Elliot Spitzer was involved with a prostitution ring. ”The Sun did some excellent sleuthing noted that when the bust was announced, (reporting that public corruptions officials) were there (at the time of the Emperor’s Club VIP bust),” said Louis. From Joe Goldstein’s New York Sun story:

”A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, Yusill Scribner, would not comment when asked whether a public official was among the clients of the Emperors Club. But the involvement of the public corruption unit raised eyebrows among the defense lawyers.

”’When we first got the case, we were surprised that these were the assistants handling the case,’ said a defense attorney, David Gordon, who represents one of two women alleged to have booked engagements for prostitutes.”

”…’If a public official is making $112,000 a year and he is spending $3,500 a night on a call girl, you’re going to ask some questions,” a prominent defense attorney who is not connected to the case, Edward Hayes, said, adding that the “feds are in desperate straits if they’re making call girl cases.’

”’If there are public officials involved, prosecutors will focus on that like a laser beam to see if there is anything else going on,’ the former federal prosecutor said. For instance, prosecutors could subpoena records connected to a credit card used to hire a prostitute to see if any expenditures involved misuse of state money or campaign funds.”