Erick Erickson Forced to Change Phone Number

The strangers calling Erick Erickson’s cell phone these days are pure joy compared to the neo-Nazis who called during the ’08 elections and said he was “married to the whore of Babylon” and called his wife “a Jewish c-word.” 

Still, the blogger and CNN contributor announced on Twitter over the weekend that he is changing his digits. “Suddenly necessary to change my phone number,” he wrote. “I pity the person who eventually gets my present number. Not good.”

Erickson explained to FishbowlDC that in the past several days  he has been inundated with calls to his cell from candidates and supporters of candidates wanting his support. The calls, some hostile, have been happening for awhile, but have recently escalated.

For example, he said, one guy called expressly to call him an idiot…

“One guy was upset with my dinging the Birthers on Anderson Cooper’s show, which by the way was over a month ago,” Erickson said.  “It was polite, but he wanted me to know I was an idiot and had sold out by joining the mainstream media.” In another phone call, “the other guy didn’t like my post on John Thune from Friday and wanted me to know I was going to be responsible for the GOP losing in November.”
The right-leaning journalist said he has no idea who these people are or how they got his phone number. “One guy from Oregon told me who gave me his phone number and I didn’t know that guy either,” he said.

As for memories of those neo-Nazi’s of ’08, Erickson said his home phone number is now unlisted.