The Nation Stumbles with Rupert Murdoch-Jack the Ripper Headline

We’re guessing that The Nation‘s Eric Alterman did not write the headline for his op ed about LA Times and Tribune Co. newspapers prospective owner Rupert Murdoch.

In the piece, Alterman cites various articulated views about the potential Murdoch-LAT match, including a pair of reporters for the Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune who ultimately view Murdoch as a “newsman.” From there, he writes:

True, but by the same logic, Jack the Ripper was a lover of the ladies. Murdoch may be a “newspaper man,” but he is surely not a man who respects honest journalism or even the laws of society as they apply to it (or much else, for that matter).

In other words, Alterman is making the ridiculous serial-killer comparison in order to highlight his objections to those employee defenses of Murdoch’s journalistic tenets. But The Nation headline simply screams, New York Post style, “Rupert Murdoch: Journalism’s Jack the Ripper.”

Not quite what Alterman is saying. But, in this Web day and age, it is unfortunately often all about the headline. To get people to an article in the first place, nuance(s) must sometimes be murdered.

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