EQAL Offers ‘Resistance’

NEW YORK EQAL, the Web video production firm behind the groundbreaking “lonelygirl15,” is returning to its U.S. roots for its next online series, “LG15: The Resistance,” which debuts on Sept. 20.

While EQAL’s “lonelygirl15” follow-up “KateModern” was set in London and primarily aimed at Bebo’s U.K.-centric audience, “The Resistance” is being shot in Los Angeles and distributed via top U.S. video sites including YouTube, MySpaceTV, Hulu, imeem and Veoh.

And unlike “KateModern,” which featured hundreds of mini-episodes — including a 12-episodes-in-a-single-day finale — EQAL will produce just 12 installments of “The Resistance,” releasing a new episode every Saturday.

“What we’re trying to do is take the best elements of both shows and use all that,” said EQAL CEO Miles Beckett. For example, LG15.com will feature daily snippets of content, such as blog postings, polls and characters’ video blogs. But fans can also opt to just watch the weekly episodes.

“Part of the audiences sees several hundred videos and finds that daunting,” said Beckett. “For really hard-core fans that want to come every day, there’s something for them. But you don’t have to.”

The new series features teen characters dealing with everyday angst and relationships while also facing an overarching conspiracy. A mysterious group known as The Order is seeking out young girls with a rare blood type, while several people have banded together to form a resistance group of their own.

Beckett likened the show’s sensibility to the WB hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “The show has a very rich mythology, but part of the reason we’re launching this show is to get people engaged without any knowledge of the LG15 universe,” he said.

The LG15 universe will also have a revamped location in which to congregate. EQAL is planning a major relaunch of LG15.com to better facilitate social networking efforts.

“The Resistance” will carry some display ads and overlay units, though no prerolls, according to EQAL president and COO Greg Goodfried.

As with other series, EQAL is seeking to interest brands in product integration deals, which “feels real and normal,” Goodfried said. “It should be organically weaved into the story.”

To build up buzz for the new series, EQAL is premiering the first episode at the New York Television Festival’s Digital Day on Sept. 16.