Entrepreneur Dave Morgan: There’s “Never Been a Better Time to Practice Great Journalism”

Not too many people claim that we’re living in a golden age of journalism, but some see the potential the Web and other hardware devices provide for future journalistic endeavors.

Entrepreneur Dave Morgan, who created a variety of businesses including Real Media, spoke to Knoxville Biz News to discuss the future of news, and in it he has some advice for those young journalists thinking of getting into the reporting game.

“You will have a great future if you recognize that there has never been a better time to practice great journalism; that great journalists are the eyes, ears and analysts for their audiences; that great journalists listen more than they talk and write; and that great journalists can now – more than ever before – get truly close to their audiences.

No longer is the media world one of a publishers-top editor-section editor-subeditor-journalist hierarchy. Today, audiences are in charge and they want direct access to, and interaction with, journalists.

So, basically, you’ll have a lot of people interacting with you and critiquing your work in today’s journalism. He should have also advised to develop thick skins. Welcome to the golden era, kiddos.