Emmy Coverage: The Best Of The Blogs

Joan Rivers, of all people, feigns boredom: Joan Rivers hunkers down with a VH1 camera crew and some blogging software in what we imagine is the first of an ongoing effort to eliminate her presence from the Red Carpet (and possibly the planet) forever.

In a video explanation on EmmysWithJoan.com, she pretends to be happy with the arrangement:

I don’t have to lie anymore and tell people like Diane Keaton, “Oh don’t you look great?” When in reality, she looked like Charlie Chaplin, only in drag and with a much bigger mustache.

Her inane babble is no different in print than on the Red Carpet, except for one key difference — online, Joan acts bored.

For those of you who are as bored as I am with this shit, Gunfight at the OK Corral is on Turner Classic Movies. And it’s Gem Week on QVC! Not everybody likes Kanye West, but everybody likes lapis! And 31-7 Patriots.

Seriously? The only reason Gemstar plugs you into your generator at night is because some housewife in Omaha howls every time you open your trap at one of these awards shows. Suck it up, blogger.

Fox.com has five bloggers live-blogging the Emmys: Five. Two of them are from Calabasas. One of them has worked on an actual Emmy-award winning show. And none them has anything interesting to say. What are the odds?

LAT stuck in 2005: When blow-by-blows were all blogs could do. We love us some Envelope, but, in our post TiVo times, did we need to read this:

5:38 p.m.: Jon Cryer and Jennifer Love Hewitt presented outstanding writing for a variety, music or comedy program to the team for Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

E! Wins the Award For Most Readable Award-Show Blog: OK, we’re terribly, terrifically fantastically biased (and married to the editor who is putting up the site), but after slogging through the Emmy blogs, we really do believe that backstage interviews with Jon Stewart and Sally Field, every friggin’ gown on the carpet captured in loving detail, and live party coverage, E! offered celeb-obsessed readers the most to choose from. We would have just offered them a trichloroethanol-diazepam cocktail and called it a night.