Emily Heil Joins Roll Call

From Roll Call’s Tim Curran:

    I’m pleased to announce that Emily Heil, who currently pens the “Under the Dome” column for The Hill, will be joining us to become the new face of “Heard on the Hill.” A native of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Emily graduated from the University of Virginia and cut her teeth as a cub reporter for the Eastern Shore News. She went on to stalk the halls of the Capitol for CongressDaily and has been a contributor to the Washington Post’s “Sunday Style” section. I will let you all know when we firm up a start date, but I, for one, am very excited about her decision to come aboard and anchor Capitol Hill’s premier gossip column.

Some have always theorized that Roll Call would never hire anyone from The Hill, for whatever reason. Among all of the other changes we’ve seen in Washington’s political coverage over the months, is this one other thing that’s changed?