Emerging Top Paid iOS Apps: Gameloft on Sale, New Games From Chillingo, Phosphor and Image & Form

Games were the biggest hits this week, both new and old. New releases performed strongly with debuts from both major and independent developers making headway on the top paid charts. That said, Gameloft is this week’s clear chart winner – the developer currently has four of its titles on the iPhone and iPad top paid charts due to a Columbus Day Sale.

New Titles on the Top iPhone Paid Apps List

(Update) 9mm – Gameloft’s 9mm is first up on our list this week, rising up to the #5 spot thanks to  a Columbus Day Sale that has dropped the price to $0.99.  A third person action game in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, 9mm lets players take on the role of John Kannon, a cop who has a “hands-on” approach to dealing with gangs, drug lords and corruption. While it is a paid app, players can also supplement their cash via in-app purchases. 9mm made its Android debut on September 28th.

(Update) The Game of Life Classic Edition – Even though it hasn’t been updated since December of last year, EA’s iOS version of the classic board game The Game of Life has made another chart appearance, this time at #11.  The iOS version of the classic life-sim board game allows players to go solo against the computer or play with up to three other friends locally via the Pass ‘N Play feature. The Game of Life Classic Edition is currently $0.99.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus – The second Gameloft title in our lineup is Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, sitting at #16 due to its $0.99 sale price. A first person shooter along the lines of Activision’s Modern Warfare, Modern Combat 2 features a 12 level single player campaign and both local and 10 player online multiplayer. If war isn’t your speed, Gameloft has also cut the prices on Sacred Odyssey, Eternal Legacy and The Settlers to $0.99 in honor of Columbus Day.

Roll in the Hole – iOS publisher Chillingo’s latest partnership has brought us Roll in the Hole, this week’s #20 paid app. Created by indie developer Eccentricity Games, Roll in the Hole is a puzzle game, requiring players to roll PoPo, a chubby panda through 72 levels of mazes and obstacles on his quest to collect his stolen ice cream. The game was released on October 6th, and costs $0.99.

Real Steel – The official iOS game for the new, surprisingly well reviewed, Hugh Jackman movie about fighting robots squeaks in under the wire as the #45 paid app on the charts this week. Released on October 4th and retailing for $2.99, the Real Steel iOS game is a boxing game with 8 robots to choose from, game centre achievements, a tournament and free sparring mode. Real Steel was created for Dreamworks by Indian Developer Jump Games.

New Titles on the Top iPad Paid Apps List

Dark Meadow – Chicago-based Phosphor Games’ first iOS title, Dark Meadow is the #8 paid iPad app this week, performing strongly after it’s debut last week. Built on the Unreal Engine 3, the game bills itself as an exploration RPG (think a cross between Infinity Blade and a Resident Evil Game) where players must uncover the secrets of creepy, ruined Montclair Hospital, solving puzzles, collecting items, and killing monsters through both melee and long range combat. Dark Meadow was released on October 4th and costs $5.99. Phosphor Games previously worked on Kinect Adventures for the Xbox.

Freefall Spelling – Relatively new education app Freefall Spelling is next on our charts, sitting in the #17 spot. Released on September 30th by independent developer Merge Mobile, Freefall Spelling is an interactive spelling game that challenges children to tap and drag falling letters to spell the object displayed on the screen, helping kids improve their spelling and their motor skills at the same time. The $0.99 app also includes an optional hint function for younger children and non-spelling touch based mini games as rewards.

Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book – Halloween will soon be upon us, and the the proliferation of Halloween themed games and apps on the charts proves it. Released last year on October 23rd, #25 ranked app Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book is an interactive story brought to life by narration, character voices, background music and interactive puzzles specifically designed for small children to solve. The book is $0.99 and was released by Disney’s interactive book arm,  Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications, who have made our roundup before with their title based on the Pixar hit Cars 2.

Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense – At #38 on the iPad chart is another new game, Swedish developer Image & Form’s latest offering Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense. A strategy game based on the real world behaviors of ants, the game challenges players to defend their Queen and colony by drawing pheromone trails  to direct groups of ants to move and complete certain tasks, some warlike, some organizational; players can have soldier ants take down an enemy, and then direct workers to take the prize back to the anthill for dinner. The ant troops are upgradable, and players can purchase stars via micro-transactions to make the process a little faster.  Anthill Tactical Trail Defense was released on October 6th and is currently on sale for $1.99, a third off regular price.

(Update) Infinity Blade – Infinity Blade proved that console quality graphics and gameplay could be had on iOS devices, and has been a big deal ever since. On the same day that developer Chair was revealing Infinity Blade 2 at Apple’s keynote, the original game was updated with new goodies and a preview of Infinity Blade 2. To keep players busy until the sequel drops on December 1st, the game has added of new rings, swords, shields and helmets to collect, and a new enemy, the fierce and deadly RookBane to defeat. Infinity Blade is currently the #44 app on the iPad charts, costs $5.99 and is also monetized by in-app purchases.