Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Social Titles, More Updates, & Music Software

The top grossing apps list on iOS were far more active this week than week’s prior. While many games from yesterday’s top paid lists made a second appearance, several new and updated applications grew significantly during the past few days. Of all the application types, however, games were the most dominant on both platforms with fitness and music appearing once within the iPhone and iPad highlights respectively. Also, of the dominant games, the majority were either social or multiplayer.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Top GirlTop Girl — Top Girl is now the top grossing title on iPhone. The new #1 game (released June 15th) is a social title designed specifically for girls and puts them into the role of a growing model as they earn money for new clothes and dates. Free-to-play, the game monetizes through the sale of both earnable in-game and virtual currency ranging in values from $1.99 to $99.99. The title is the latest release from from the Silicon Valley social developer CrowdStar. Founded in 2008, the company is already the eighth largest developer on Facebook, with nearly 2.5 million daily active users across all of its Facebook games.

iMuscle – iPhone Edition — Exercise makes its second appearance this week in the form of iMuscle – iPhone Edition. Released June 9th, the game holds the #8 spot on the top grossing iPhone apps list. The application lets users view different muscle groups in 3D and access exercises for strengthening each these areas. The app has done well in recent time due to a sale price of $1.99. It is credited to 3D4Medical.com, an iOS developer whose mobile products make use of 3D imagery for medical purposes.

Army of DarknessArmy of Darkness Defense — Army of Darkness Defense has been profiled on the top grossing list before, but now the game has risen to #16 due to different reasons. Colorado-based developer Backflip Studios — which has more than 100 million downloads across all its apps —  has made the game free (at least for a limited time) and earns revenue through in-app purchases for in-game currency. The game is a strategy title in which players must protect the Necronomicon from the deadite hordes in a tug-of-war style of play. Last updated on June 8th with general bug fixes and balancing changes, the MGM Studios licensed game is also now #18 on iPad.

Restaurant Story — Last week, iOS developer TeamLava updated its Bakery Story app and it rose up the top grossing charts. Now its Restaurant Story’s turn. The free-to-play game now holds the #32 spot with its social restaurant management game play. Last updated June 8th, the game is noted to receive weekly updates including new dishes, decorations, and themes. As with most social games, the title monetizes through the in-app purchasing of virtual currency. TeamLava is a part of Redwood Shores-based developer Storm8, which says it has more than 4 million daily active users across all of its titles.

Card Ace: Casino — Another older app appears this week. Card Ace: Casino was last updated June 16th and now sits at #37. This casino-style game, players are able to play games of poker, Blackjack, and slots with friends, for free. Since it is free to play, the game is monetized via in-app purchases. The title is credited to Self Aware Games, a small mobile, web, and Facebook developer out of California. As for its recent update, the biggest change is allowing players to create their own private tables.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

SmurfsSmurfs’ Village & We Rule Deluxe with Updates — Coming in at #4 and #6 respectively are the older games of Smurfs’ Village and We Rule Deluxe (#10 and #13 on iPhone). Both are social mobile games in which players must build and manage a virtual village or kingdom. The app monetizes via the sale of virtual currency. The reason these past highlighted games are rising again is due to new content updates (June 15th for Smurfs and June 8th for We Rule). In the latter, DeNA-acquired social and mobile games developer ngmoco improved a number of its Goals for players to accomplish. Smurfs’ Village’s update is a bit more significant, adding Tailor Smurf to the game, with which players can then customize hats for their Smurf villagers. The game is made by Beeline Interactive, the new, mid-sized mobile arm of Capcom, based out of Los Angeles.

FL Studio Mobile HD — The #21 app is likely to be even higher within the next few minutes. FL Studio Mobile HD is a mobile music generation software program that allows users to create high quality, synthetic sound tracks and loops. Based on the FL Studio Desktop PC version, this new iPad title is currently on sale for $19.99. The app is made by music software developer Image Line Software. Based out of Belgium, the company has been around since 1994. Originally focused on games during its early years, Image Line has spent nearly two decades developing music software since shifting its focus. The app has also begun rapidly rising (in the last few minutes), and currently sits at #36 on iPhone.

Mortal KombatUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 — Making a second apperance this week is the recently updated (June 16th) game of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The game is essentially an iOS version of classic Mortal Kombat fighting games from older consoles, boasting both single player and an iPad only multiplayer. The recent growth, however, is due to the noted update which has added 10 additional characters for players to battle with (bringing the total up to 23) and six new battle arenas. The fighting game’s creator is larger international games developer and publisher, Electronic Arts. The game is currently ranged at #28.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem — Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is an older game that was released September 1st, but has risen due to a sale held over the Father’s Day weekend. The game puts players into the shoes of the comic book web-slinger as they fight crime throughout New York City and attempt to stop a group of super villains from unleashing a deadly virus. The #32-ranked game is back up to its $6.99 price tag and is made by the larger mobile and casual games developer and publisher Gameloft.

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD — The last highlight of the day is a new game (released June 18th) called Avadon: The Black Fortress HD. Ranked at #40, the game is an isometric role-playing game reminiscent of classic PC versions of the genre. Players serve the keep of Avadon as a spy, seeking to defend their home from outside threats. The game also comes with four character classes, several spell variants, and multiple endings. Spiderweb Software is the developer behind the app. It is a small Seattle-based company founded in 1994 that primarily develops games for both Windows and Mac and appears to have only recently found itself in iOS.