Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: New Releases, News, & Sports Show Growth

The top grossing lists for both the iPhone and iPad devices have been a bit more active this week. Along with the typical repeats from the top paid application’s charts, many new free-to-play games also appeared for both devices. More than just games showed growth today as well, including apps associated with the Tour de France, news, and magazines.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Transformers Dark of the MoonTransformers: Dark of the Moon — With the release of the Transformers film last week, and an Independence Day sale held by international games developer and publisher Electronic Arts, Transformers: Dark of the Moon comes in at #13 on the top paid iPhone apps list. The game puts players into control of characters such as Optimus Prime in a combination hack-and-slash and duel-stick shooter style of play as they attempt to stop the Decepticons’ attack on Earth. Released June 28th, the game is still on sale for $0.99.

Tap Fish 2 — Gameview Studios is a social-mobile games developer acquired by DeNA last year, and their new title Tap Fish 2 (released June 29th) is now #14 on the top paid iPhone apps list.  The next iteration of the original Tap Fish — which has been downloaded well over 10 million times — it allows users to create their own virtual aquarium, breeding fish as they see fit. Free-to-play, the game monetizes through the in-app purchasing of virtual currency with prices ranging from $0.99 to $99.99.

ICEEICEE Maker — Another free-to-play game appears at #15 in the form of ICEE Maker. The application is simple, allowing users to create and decorate their own ICEE mixes. In order to monetize, players can unlock all decorative elements in-app for $2.99. As for ICEE Maker’s developer, the app is credited to Sunstorm Interactive, an Indianapolis-based games developer founded back in 1995 and best known for games such as Duke Nukem 3D and Deer Hunter.

Tour de France All Access — Tour de France All Access is an application that was last updated July 1st, just in time for the massive biking event. The application comes in at #20 on iPhone and #7 on iPad, and it allows users to follow the Tour de France through video clips, results and standings, profiles, maps, interviews, photos, and more. Moreover, users can purchase, for $14.99, access to live video and tracking of the competitors. The title is developed by media corporation NBC Universal.

Street Fighter IV Volt — Another new release rises this week. Coming in at #23 is the June 30th-released title of Street Fighter IV Volt from Tokyo-based core games developer and publisher, Capcom. The title is the same familiar fighting style as the original iOS version of Street Fighter IV but comes with extra characters such as Balrog, Vega, and Cody. Additionally, the game supports multiplayer via WiFi.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPadApps List

The DailyThe Daily — The Daily is an older news app that appears at #10 this week. Designed specifically for iPad, the application grants users with daily updated content, in-app commenting, sports, business, arts, and so on. Last updated April 26th, the free app monetizes itself through a subscription basis, charging $0.99 for a weekly payment option or $39.99 as an annual payment option. The title is credited to The Daily Holdings Inc., a young, relatively small American company.

Time Mysteries: Inheritance HD — Moving all the way down to #28 comes the latest adventure title, Time Mysteries: Inheritance HD, from casual and mobile games developer Big Fish Games. Here, players take on the role of Vivien Ambrose, who must travel through time to rescue her kidnapped father; meeting her ancestors in the process. Like most of Big Fish Games’ adventure titles, Inheritance is free-to-download, but requires a $6.99 unlock shortly after starting the game. Additionally, the app is marked down 30 percent for the time being. Time Mysteries: Inheritance was released June 30th.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline — Global games developer and publisher Gameloft makes an appearance today with its racing title, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD. In the game, players are able to collect various cars and bikes from top car makers such as Lamborghini, Ducati, and Ferrari as well as race around the world in cities such as L.A. and Tokyo. Last updated April 5th, the game has risen due to an Independence Day sale that had dropped the price down to $0.99. However, it is now back up to $6.99. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is ranked at #40.

NOVAN.O.V.A. 2 – Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance — Gameloft appears a second time at #42 with N.O.V.A. 2 – Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance. This first person shooter pits players into a science fiction world with both a single player campaign as well as synchronous multiplayer modes such as capture the flag. Last updated June 30th with graphical improvements, the core reason for the game’s sudden rise is due to the Gameloft 4th of July sale that dropped the price down to $0.99. Now, the game costs $6.99 and also monetizes through an in-app purchase for $1.99.

O The Oprah Magazine — Finishing up the highlighted top grossing iPad apps list is O The Oprah Magazine from 120+ year old newspaper and media company, Hearst Corporation. The digital magazine contains all in which Oprah fans have come to know and love, ranging from videos from Oprah, fashion, recipes, and so on. Additionally, users can few excerpts from book suggestions and even purchase “O List” fashion and beauty products. The app monetizes through subscriptions of $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, as well as buying individual issues for $3.99.