Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Feed Me Oil, X-Men, Adventure Games, & More

New entrants on iOS’ top grossing list are a bit few and far between this week. While many of the top paid iPhone apps reappeared today, it required reaching beyond the top 30 to find high-earning titles that were even remotely new.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Feed Me OilFeed Me Oil — The #3 top grossing iPhone application (#50 on iPad) is Feed Me Oil. The $0.99 title is a physics puzzle app in which users must guide a flow of oil into the mouth of a giant creature through the use of various objects such as fans, magnets, platforms, and so on. The game is developed by a trio of individuals from small developer, Holy Water Games, but is published by U.K.-based Chillingo, an independent mobile games developer and publisher and who is division of Electronic Arts. The game was released June 2nd, and is now currently #1 on the top paid iPhone apps list.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Moving all the way down to #32 is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from mega-developer and publisher Electronic Arts and Barecelona-based mobile developer Digital Legends. The $2.99 military first-person shooter has been on the top paid lists before due to sales (as well as yesterday’s), but this time it rises due to a June 2nd update that improves its multiplayer content. Not only is multiplayer matchmaking faster, now synchronous battles support up to 10 players. The game is also ranked at #39 on the top grossing iPad apps list.

PhotoForge2PhotoForge2 — PhotoForge2 is an older application that was last updated May 27th and ranks in at #36 this week. A photo-editing app, PhotoForge2 grants users over 25 different filters, various camera lenses, flashes, sharing capabilities, and editable layers. Additionally, the recent update holds a number of bug fixes as well a increased filter rendering speed, new filters, and usability improvements. The application is created by Canadian iOS developer, GhostBird Software. Aside from a pair of games, most of their iOS titles are photography apps.

Paper Glider Crazy Copter — Taking the #37 spot is a relatively new free-to-play game by the name of Paper Glider Crazy Copter. Developed by U.K.-based and iOS focused game maker, Neon Play, the game is a simple side-scrolling title in which users must navigate a tiny helicopter through ever increasingly difficult obstacles and monetizes via in-app purchases for virtual currency, unlocking bonus content, or skipping levels.

X-Men — X-Men is an iOS remake of the 1992 arcade game from Japanese core games developer and publisher Konami. Ranked yesterday at #24 on the top paid iPhone apps list, it comes in today at #38 for the top grossing list (#28 for iPad). The game is a side-scrolling “beat ’em up” game where players fight through hordes of enemies in order to stop Magneto. Additionally, the new iOS version supports up to four players, simultaneously, via Wi-Fi. Beyond nostalgia, the game also has risen due to its June 2nd release; a day before the new film, X-Men: First Class.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

AtlantisCall of Atlantis HD — Aside from noted iPhone apps that have risen on iPad as well (e.g. X-Men), Call of Atlantis HD is the newest, and highest ranking app this week at #15. The app is an adventure style of game that brings in casual gaming concepts such as match-three and hidden object puzzles as players travel about the ancient cities of Rome, Greece, Troy, and so on, to acquire seven crystals of power. Currently free-to-download, the game monetizes through an in-app, full version unlock for $4.99 (which is 30% off). The medium-sized Russian company is developed by Playrix, a casual, mobile, and social games developer founded by a pair of brothers back in 2004. Call of Atlantis HD was released May 26th.

Antique Road Trip: USA HD — Once again, the next highlighted application is all the way in the 30’s. At #33 is Antique Road Trip: USA HD. Released June 2nd, the game is another adventure title from veteran casual games maker and publisher Big Fish Games. This time, users must travel around the United States finding antiques for their business via hidden object style play. Currently, the game is free-to-download, with a 50% marked down, in-app, full game unlock for $4.99. As for Big Fish themselves, the big name casual developer was founded back in 2002 and holds offices in Seattle, Vancouver, and Cork, Ireland.

Sling PlayerSlingPlayer Mobile for iPad — We’re highlighting an older app (last updated February 22nd) that has not been highlighted before. In at #36 is SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad. Costing $29.99 the application is essentially a television app that works with a separately sold Slingbox SOLO. With a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, SlingPlayer allows users to watch their television (via the Slingbox) from their iPad as well as control their DVR. Noted video sources that are compatible with SlingPlayer are cable set-top boxes, satellite boxes, Teleco/IPTV boxes, basic cable, digital broadcasts, Tivo, Apple TV, and home security cameras. The app is created by Sling Media, a roughly seven-year-old company based known for their Slingbox product and who is headquartered out of Foster City, California.

iAnnotate PDF — iAnnotate PDF is is another older application being highlighted today and comes in at #37. The productivity app — last updated February 28th — runs $9.99 and allows users to not only open PDF files but actually grants them the ability to completely integrate annotations into the PDF and actually have them available in standard PDF readers (e.g. Adobe Reader). The app is made by Aji, LLC, a young, and fairly small, American software application developer who focuses primarily on the mobile.

Djay — Finishing out the list this week is the #44 title, djay at the cost of $19.99. Though not as old as the previous two applications, its last update was May 17th. As for the app itself, it is a music app that essentially turns one’s iPad into a DJ system, granting users the ability to seamlessly mix their iTunes library. The title is credited to Algoriddim, a German software company founded in 2006.