Emerging top grossing iOS Apps: Angry Birds Space, Galaxy Empire and Tap Paradise Cove

Rovio’s Angry Birds Space is this week’s top grossing iPhone and iPad app. Unlike other entries in the Angry Birds catalogue, Mighty Eagles are consumable items in Angry Birds Space, rather than a one-item $0.99 purchase. It will be interesting to see if the change in monetization strategy will affect the app’s position on the top grossing charts in the long term.

Lower down the iPhone charts, Tap4Fun’s older game, Galaxy Empire continues to experience a second wind, hitting No. 8 on the top grossing charts this week. AppData’s 30 day overview of the game’s position on the top grossing charts give a clear demonstration of how much the app’s revenues have fluctuated recently.

Finally, after a slow start, Pocket Gem’s Tap Paradise Cove appears to be gaining some steam, hitting No. 23 on the iPhone charts this week.

On the iPad charts, the now Zynga-owned Draw Something continues to slide, dipping to No. 7 this week. EA Popcap’s recently updated Bejeweled Blitz is the fastest gaining iPad app, moving up 10 spots to the No. 20 spot.

This week’s top grossing  iPhone apps

1.Angry Birds Space1=
2.Draw Something by OMGPOP2=
3.Poker by Zynga3▲1
5.Draw Something Free5=
6.Texas Poker6▲1
8.Galaxy Empire8▲2
9.Movie BB9
10.XKingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the NorthXXXXXXX10▲4
11.Bejeweled Blitz11▲10
12.Modern War12▼3
13.MLB.com At Bat13▼2
14.Global War14▲12
15.Pandora Radio15▼2
16.Ugly Meter PRO™16▼10
17.Smurfs’ Village17▲2
18.iMob 218▲6
19.Scramble With Friends19▼1
20.Card Ace: Casino20▼5
21.Crime City21▼9
22.Original Gangstaz22▲6
23.Tap Paradise Cove23▲7
24.The Sims™ FreePlay24▼4
25.Castle Age HD25▲2

This week’s top grossing iPad apps

1.Angry Birds Space HD1=
2.Quickoffice Pro HD 2=
4.The Daily4▲1
6.Modern War6▲3
7.Draw Something by OMGPOP7▼1
8.Poker by Zynga8▲6
9.Slotomania HD9▲4
11.TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation11▼3
12.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North12▲9
15.The Sims™ FreePlay15▼3
17.Smurfs’ Village17▲2
19.NYTimes for iPad19▲1
20.Bejeweled Blitz20▲10
22.Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure22▼12
23.ForeFlight Mobile Aviation23▲2
24.Adobe Photoshop Touch24▼1
25.Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Collector’s Edition HD25▼3

All data in the post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData.