Emerging Top Grossing Apps: Modern Combat, Booyah’s MyTown 2 and Game Insight

This week’s top grossing app charts saw a lot of new life on the iPhone side, but not so much on the iPad side. October 27th proved to be a very busy day, with new titles from Gameloft, Mika Mobile, and Big Fish Games all making their debut and older apps from Game Insight, Playforge and Pocket Gems all adding Halloween-themed updates.

New Titles on the Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Like the top paid charts did yesterday, this week’s top grossing charts has a new champion; Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation taking the #1 spot this week. Drawing inspiration from ultra-popular first person shooters like Modern Warfare 3, Modern Combat 3 features a 13 mission solo campaign, 12 player multiplayer and variety of different gameplay types and objectives to complete. Modern Combat 3 was released on October 27th and is $6.99. Our full review is available here.

Zombieville USA 2 – Another new game that made a strong debut is the #5 top grossing app, Zombieville USA 2. A cartoony, arcade style side-scroller, the new version of Zombieville updates the original concept with better graphics, iCloud Support and new features like timed levels, and the ability to move in three dimensions. Zombieville USA 2 is $0.99 and was developed by Mika Mobile, the makers of OMG Pirates! and Battleheart.

My Town 2 – Moving down to the #21 spot is another new game, Booyah’s totally revamped version of My Town, My Town 2. The new version of the game now depends less on check-ins and more on classic city-building elements, but still includes location based elements, rewarding players with bigger payouts, bonuses and quests for checking in to real versions of the in-game stores. My Town 2 is free and monetizes through in app purchases.

(Update) Zombie Farm – Playforge’s Zombie Farm is currently the #23 top grossing app, thanks to an extensive update on October 27th that added new fall themed decorations, new quests, new items and two new premium zombies to the market. While Zombie Farm continues to perform well, Playforge’s latest game, Zombie Life hasn’t yet seen the same level of success and isn’t on the top grossing charts this week.

(Update) Plants vs. Zombies – Finally in the #33 spot is PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies, which has bounded up the charts thanks to an EA Halloween sale that reduced the price of the app to $0.99. The iOS version of the popular game includes 50 levels, 49 plants to collect and 26 different types of zombies to battle as you fight to keep the undead from eating your brains. While the sale was over on October 31st, as of writing Plants vs. Zombies was still listed in the app store under its discounted price.

New Titles on the Top Grossing iPad Apps List

(Update) Tap Pet Hotel – First up on the top grossing iPad chart this week is Pocket Gem’s Tap Pet Hotel, which in the #6 spot, is the highest ranked of the three Pocket Gems games currently on the charts. The free to play game was updated on October 27th with a new pet nurturing achievement, a Halloween themed quest and limited edition rooms, new levels and some performance fixes. As with all Pocket Gems titles, the game monetizes through in app purchases, the most popular of which are the $0.99 Vial of Treats and the $1.99 Pouch of Treats.

(Update) My Country: Build Your Dream City HD – Russian developers Game Insight seem to have a genuine iOS hit on their hands with My Country: Build Your Dream City HD, which has been climbing up the top grossing charts since its release in early October. Now in the #7 spot, the city-building app was updated on October 25th with a large update that added Halloween items and tasks, new bonuses and the ability to meet Mayor Mary in her own country.

ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts – While flight apps don’t open get a lot of attention on our charts, this specific class of utility is actually quite popular on the iPad, despite its obvious niche appeal. Independent developer ForeFlight’s flight planning and support app, ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts is the best selling in this category, currently sitting in the #16 spot on the top grossing chart. The app provides constantly information updates about everything a pilot needs to know: airport conditions, weather, flight paths and even fuel prices. While the app itself is free, the service requires the in-app purchase of a subscription for support. ForeFlight Mobile Aviation was last updated on October 27th.

Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Collectors Edition HD – Big Fish Games shows up on our charts again this week with their latest point and click game, Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven. In the plot of this game, the player must help the victim of a car accident who is trapped in a haunted cemetery escape so they can go for help. The game was released on October 27th and is currently the #34 top grossing iPad app. Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven is free but players must unlock the full game via an in-app purchase.

Paradise Island HD –  Game Insight just manages to squeeze in two games on the top grossing iPad charts this week thanks to Paradise Island HD, which is currently holding the #50 spot on the chart. Updated on October 27th to add a Halloween inspired, alien shooting minigame, the resort-building sim challenges players to create their own island paradise, then attract and entertain tourists by building casinos, entertainment centers, restaurants and discos. The game is free to play and monetizes through in app purchases.