Emerging Top Grossing Apps: Mafia Wars Shakedown, Gangstar and Tiny Village

Once again, this week’s top grossing charts didn’t show much change. That said, some high profile releases from well known developers managed to muscle in on the rankings. Gameloft managed to get its second new game in as many weeks onto the charts, and Zynga’s mobile Mafia Wars spin-off Mafia Wars Shakedown made a decent debut. Independent developers had a bit more luck on the iPad charts, with Playtika and FDG Entertainment seeing their new games finish in the bottom reaches of the top 50.

New Titles on the Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

P90X – After performing well on the paid charts this week, its no surprise to see fitness app P90X as the #2 top grosser, particularly since according to the App store’s information, the utility’s most popular in-app purchase is the $59.99 All Workouts Bundle. Developed by fitness company Beachbody, P90X is designed to make sticking to the popular but challenging P90X routine much easier and more interactive. The app costs $4.99 and was released on November 8th.

Tiny Village – Tiny Village finally climbs up into the top grossing charts this week, landing in the #13 position after its developer, San Francisco based TinyCo embarked on an aggressive advertising campaign to help boost it after an early testing phase. A city building game with a pre-historic twist, the game challenges players to create a thriving, Flintstones-esque city. Tiny Village is free-to-play and monetizes through premium currency purchases.

Mafia Wars Shakedown – Zynga’s latest game, Mafia Wars Shakedown makes a solid debut in the #18 spot on the top-grossing charts this week. Released on November 9th, the game doesn’t connect with its Facebook predecessor, and instead limits the social aspects of the iOS game to other iOS players. Mafia Wars Shakedown is free-to-play and monetizes through the purchase of premium currency and reward points. Our full review of the game can be found here.

(Update) High Noon – Chinese developer Happylatte’s game High Noon occupies the #31 spot this week. A staple of the top grossing charts, High Noon is a synchronous shooting game that allows players to duel with each other to find out who is the fastest gun in the world. The more duels a player wins, the higher their bounty and the more attention they attract from other players, and therefore the greater the in-game rewards. High Noon is free to play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

Amazing Breaker – And finally in the #39 spot on the top grossing iOS charts is Dekovir Entertainment’s older game Amazing Breaker, a harder-that-it-looks physics puzzle game that challenges players to destroy intricate ice sculptures by using bombs to blow them up. The game features 80 levels and supports both Game Center and OpenFeint achievements. Amazing Breaker was last updated on August 29th and costs $0.99.

New or Updated Titles on the Top Grossing iPad Apps List

(Update) DragonVale – While the iPhone top grossers are showing at least some change in the rankings, the iPad charts aren’t this week, and a lot of the same apps we see week after week are jostling for the top spots. Backflip Studio’s popular animal care sim DragonVale is one of those apps. The game currently occupies the #5 spot on the iPad charts, thanks to an update on November 11th that added new dragons, new decorations, new sound effects and made some small social and performance based tweaks. DragonVale is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

(Update) Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – You have to move all the way down to the #21 spot on the iPad top grossing charts to find a newly released title – Gameloft’s latest game Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. A sandbox RPG in the style of Grand Theft Auto, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints lets players immerse themselves in a digital Rio de Janeiro as they embark on over 60 missions that range from deadly to just plain ridiculous. The game costs $6.99 and also monetizes through microtransactions.

Slotomania – Israel’s Playtika gets its latest release onto the iPad top grossing charts as well this week. A free-to-play casino game, Slotomania adds some light social features to the gameplay – players can send each other coins, gifts and free spins – but the real focus is on the slots and the bonus games players unlock for doing well on the slots. Slotomania was released on November 7th  is currently the #28 top grossing iPad app. It monetizes through the purchase of coins, the game’s premium currency.

(Update) Tiny Zoo Friends – TinyCo lands two apps on our charts this week. The company’s biggest hit, Tiny Zoo Friends sits in the #35 spot on the top grossing iPad chart this week, trailing 12 spots behind its rival, #23 ranked Tap Zoo. Another entry in the popular animal care sim genre, Tiny Zoo friends monetizes through premium currency purchases and was last updated on November 4th.

Blueprint 3D HD – Finally moving all the way down to the #47 spot is FDG Entertainment’s game Blueprint 3D which was featured earlier this week as a top paid app on the iPhone charts. In the puzzle games players find find a 3D object by rotating a field of lines and dots across multiple planes until the picture reveals itself. The iPad version of the game is $2.99 and allows players to move past difficult puzzles by purchasing solutions – $1.99 for 15 and $0.99 for 5.