Emerging Top Grossing Apps: Flick Home Run, Aquaria and Camera+

New entries on the top grossing apps chart were in short supply this week, as both the iPhone and iPad charts were dominated by  familiar faces. That said, both Gameloft’s and Booyah’s new games from last week continued to perform strongly, Big Fish Games and Bit Blot bucked the trend with new offerings on the iPad charts and independent developer Infinity Pocket managed to scoop the #1 spot on the iPhone charts for its game Flick Home Run.

New Titles on the Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Flick Home Run! – Independent developer Infinity Pocket’s game Flick Home Run was the #1 top grossing app this week. A simple game that challenges players to hit as many home runs as they can, the game keeps players interested by adding RPG elements to the mix, giving them the ability to level up, upgrade skills and earn Game Center achievements. Fresh off a sale that made the game free for a limited time, the app is now back to its regular price of $0.99.

(Update) Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Falling this week to the from #1 to #7 spot is Gameloft’s latest game, first person shooter Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, which despite its drop in the rankings has proven to be another big success for the developer. Last week Gameloft reported its third quarter earnings had risen 17 percent year-over-year, thanks in part to the massive success of its games on smartphone and tablets. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation costs $6.99 and also supports in-app purchases.

(Update) My Town 2 – In the #8 spot we find Booyah’s My Town 2. Improving dramatically over its #21 spot on last week’s top grossing app charts, My Town 2 seems to be gaining traction on the iOS charts, with players praising the app for its high-quality gameplay and the ability to add real businesses and landmarks to their virtual cities. My Town 2 is free to play and monetizes through the purchase of in-app currency.

(Update) Angry Birds Rio – Moving down to the #27 spot we have Rovio’s Angry Birds Rio. The movie-tie-in game has seen renewed strength on the top-grossing charts since it rolled out an update last month that allowed users to purchase the Mighty Eagle for $0.99. According to AppData, on October 28th the game peaked at the #8 spot on the top grossing charts, but sales have once again begun to trail off.

(Update) Camera+ – This week’s #32 top grossing iPhone app is Camera+, tap tap tap’s popular photography app that improves on the iPhone’s built in camera by giving users SLR-like features such as control over focus, exposure and lighting. Camera+ was last updated on November 3rd and is currently on sale for $0.99. The last time we reported on Camera+, tap tap tap revealed more than 2 million people had bought the app, generating more than $1.9 million in revenue.

New Titles on the Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Tap Pet Hotel – Freshly updated on November 7th, Tap Pet Hotel holds the #7 position on the iPad top grossing app charts this week, the highest ranked of Pocket Gem’s three apps currently in the top 50. The free-to-play game has been a reliable moneymaker for Pocket Gems, which recently  confirmed it had raised additional funding from Redpoint Ventures, but would not disclose the details or the timing of the deal.

Aquaria – New apps have been hard to find on this week’s top grossing chart but one exception is Aquaria. Released on November 3rd, the $4.99  game is a retro-inspired 2D adventure that puts users in control of a shapeshifting mermaid named Naija as she explores a vast underwater wold, solving the mystery of how she came to be the only one of her kind left. Originally developed by Bit Blot, the game was ported to iOS by Semi Secret Software and is currently sitting in the #15 spot on the top grossing iPad charts. Aquaria also made yesterday’s top paid apps chart.

A Gypsy’s Tale: The Tower of Secrets – Hidden object adventures are proving to be a steady source of income for Big Fish Games thanks to a steady stream of minor hits in the genre. The developer’s latest latest title, A Gypsy’s Tale: The Tower of Secrets is currently the #30 top grossing app for the iPad. Released on November 3rd, the game puts the player in the shoes of a woman as she attempts to outsmart the mysterious Tower of Secrets in order stop a terrible curse from spreading. As with every Big Fish Games title of this type, a portion of the  game is free-to-play, but the entire adventure must be unlocked via a $4.99 in-app purchase.

(Update) NYTimes for iPad – The Grey Lady has seen steady sales on the iPad since Apple launched Newsstand in early October. Currently sitting in the #31 position on the iPad paid charts this week, NYTimes for iPad is a free app and grants readers access to its Top New section, but requires a Newsstand subscription to access any additional content from the paper. Developed in house by The New York Times, the app requires a $19.99 a month subscription for standard access or a $34.99 a month subscription for unlimited access.

(Update) GoodReader for iPad – Closing out this week’s top grossing iPad charts in the #37 position is independent developer Good.iWare’s GoodReader for iPad. The $4.99 document reading app has been a staple of the iPad charts for months, see-sawing as low as the #40 spot before rebounding to its current position according to AppData. Good.iWare updated the app on October 28th, adding PDF text search functionality, the ability to query a dictionary, Google or Wikipedia and a dedicated downloads folder.