Emerging Top Grossing Apps: EA, Ngmoco, Game Insight and TinyCo

Revenue may have leveled off in advance of the iPhone4S announcement today, but the action continues on the top grossing rankings. TinyCo and ngmoco:) reinvigorated old brands with new content, and EA’s latest soccer game Fifa Soccer 12 has performed very well. This week also marked the iOS debut of two big names — Game Insight brought My Country to iPad and 2K Sports introduced its basketball series NBA 2K to iOS, with a simultaneous release on iPad and consoles.

New Titles on the iPhone Top Grossing Apps List

Fifa Soccer 12 by EA Sports –  EA Sports’ latest game Fifa Soccer 12 is the #4 top grossing app this week, following its strong debut on the top paid charts yesterday. The game features upgraded graphics, animations, improved controls, daily challenges and achievements powered by EA’s Origin gaming network, but the most notable addition is Manager Mode — players can now guide their favorite club to glory by  developing players, choosing tactics and choosing from more that 15,000 real players when they make trades. Fifa Soccer 12 costs $4.99 and was released on September 29th.

We Rule Deluxe – ngmoco:)’s We Rule Deluxe grabs the #6 spot, thanks to a special in-game event called Conquer the Elements. The event (which runs until October 5th) challenges players to conquer magical elements and imps, which unlock special in-game items and allows players to climb to the top of a special global leaderboard. We Rule Deluxe is a free-to-play social game that lets players create and customize their own magical kingdoms. The game was released in 2010 and is supported by in-app purchases.

Tiny Pets – At #16 this week is another older game, TinyCo‘s Tiny Pets. Updated on September 27th with the new Missing Pets Bureau minigame, Tiny Pets is an animal collecting game with a bit of a twist. Players collect animals to save them from the evil plans of Duke Spendington; the more animals one rescues, the more houses need to be built and the more animals are unlocked. Like other TinyCo’s game, Tiny Pets is free to play and supported by in-app purchases.

(Update) Card Ace: Casino – Casino and card games are a popular genre in the top-grossing apps chart this week. One of the four games from this genre in the top 50 is #20 ranked Card Ace: Casino. An older game that has shown up periodically in our rankings, Card Ace: Casino is a free to play suite of casino games that can be played alone or against other players. The game features public and private tables, and global leaderboards and achievements powered by Game Center. Card Ace: Casino was developed by small California based studio Self Aware Games and monetizes via in-app purchases.

SHADOWGUN – The last new entry on our chart this week SHADOWGUN, which is currently the #32 top grossing iPhone app, and #18 top grossing iPad app. A slick third-person shooter than has been collecting positive reviews everywhere from Kotaku to Inside Mobile Apps, SHADOWGUN is a console quality game set in a dark future where powerful intergalactic corporations hire bounty hunters to do their bidding. Players take the role of infamous bounty hunter John Slade, as he blasts through armies of cyborgs, mutants and androids to chase down a mad scientist. Developed by Czech based Madfinger Games, SHADOWGUN costs $7.99.

New Titles on the iPad Top Grossing Apps List

My Country: Build Your Dream City HD – After plenty of success on Android, Russian developer Game Insight has finally released My Country: Build Your Dream City HD for the iPad, and the game has already climbed up to the #23 spot. My Country is a city-building game that prides itself on complexity. Players not only develop a city, they must grow industries, manage the environment and even establish public transport to keep their citizens happy and productive. My Country is free to play and supported by in-app purchases of CountryBucks.

NYTimes for iPad – New York is famous for many things. It’s a center for fashion, music, culture and apparently digital publications. Currently #33 on the top grossing apps list and flanked by two other New York based publications (the #17 ranked New York Post and #47 ranked New Yorker Magazine), the NYTimes for iPad brings the famous Grey Lady to iOS as a free app, supported by Times Digital Subscriptions. Full access to the apps stories and content is either $19.99 per month or $34.99 per month for unlimited access on iPad, iPhone and online.

(Update) iAnnotate PDF –  Another older app that has seen a resurgence up the top grossing chart is #40 ranked iAnnotate PDF. Developed by Aji, LLC and retailing for $9.99, the app was updated on September 23 with minor bug fixes and improved support for Dropbox and WebDav. The app itself is a full featured PDF reader and annotation tool with extensive editing capabilities: pages can be rotated, documents can have layers added or be flattened, and users can add notes, highlights, voice recordings and even their own signatures to PDFs.

(Update) Restaurant Story – Team Lava’s enduring favorite Restaurant Story is this week’s #44 top grossing iPad app. The social game had a minor update on September 30th for bug fixes. A free-to-play game supported by in-app gem purchases, Restaurant Story asks players build a restaurant and turn it into a dining destination by customizing the kitchen, menu and decor. Players can also invite their Facebook friends to play, which will unlock tips, gifts and other in-game bonuses. Restaurant Story is just one of the many Story games developed by Team Lava, a division of California-based developer Storm8.

NBA 2K12 for iPad – Last but not least in today’s roundup is the latest game from 2K SportsNBA 2K12 for iPad. Currently the #45 top grossing app, the $9.99 game was released on simultaneously on October 4th for iPad, PC and consoles, something EA did earlier this year with their Madden Football franchise. The iOS version of NBA 2K12 features two control schemes to choose from, Classic Control which gives players an on-screen d-pad, and One Finger, which uses tap and swipe controls and puts the AI in charge of player movement. NBA 2K 12 also features Game Center leaderboards, so even if there isn’t a pro basketball season this year, fans of the game will still have something to get excited about.