Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: ICEEs, Business Sims & Oprah Rise This Week

Top grossing applications from yesterday made their way into the top free iOS app charts today, with one breaching the top five on iPhone. Additionally, top free games from last week, such as Cracked Screen Prank (Free), remained high on iPhone, but still left room for many new titles to rise within the chart’s top ten. As for iPad, the free list remains active (though not quite as much as the older iDevice) giving way to new games, browser apps, and digital magazines.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

ICEEICEE Maker — A top grossing application from yesterday is now the top free iPhone app. In at #1 is the game of ICEE Maker which allows its users to create and decorate their own ICEE drinks choosing things such as lids, cups, and mixes. In order to monetize, there is an in-app purchase for $2.99 that unlocks all decor in the game. It is credited to Sunstorm Interactive, a veteran games developer out of Indianapolis known best for the games of Duke Nukem 3D and Deer Hunter. ICEE Maker was released  June 29th.

Gravity Guy — Gravity Guy is a game from long running British outfit, Miniclip; creators of the online games site, Miniclip.com. Last updated June 18th, the game puts players in control of Gravity Guy as he attempts to escape pursuing Gravity Troops. The catch is that Gravity Guy continually runs, and the only ability available to the player is to completely flip gravity in order to guide him through obstacles. In order to monetize, the game offers in-app purchases for in-game power-ups as well as additional content. Moreover, the game is made free via FreeAppADay.com. Gravity Guy is currently ranked at #2.

Mall Party — The #3 app on the top free iPhone apps list is Mall Party. The game (last updated July 1st) a virtual space, business sim style of title in which users are tasked with the creation and management of their own shopping malls within cities such as New York, Paris, and Beijing. Like many free-to-play business sims of this nature, Mall Party monetizes through the use of in-app purchases for virtual currency (mallbucks) in quantities ranging from 10 ($0.99) to 1200 ($99.99). The application is credited to Social Expeditions, an enigmatic social media developer who’s only iOS title of note is Mall Party. It’s possible they are the same company, Social Expeditions LLC, that was responsible for early viral Facebook apps like Honesty Box. The growth for the app is due to being featured on AppAllStar.

Escape 3DEscape 3D: The Jail — A fairly new game (released June 24th) called Escape 3D: The Jail holds the #4 spot this week. The concept is simple, but the execution is not. Players must search around an jail cell and utilize what items they find, combining them, in order to escape their false incarceration. The application is created by iOS and web games company Bored.com, a 1996-founded outfit from New York.

iFunny — The last new highlighted app on the top free iPhone apps list is entertainment application, iFunny. Developed by Russian mobile company FlySoft, iFunny is a compilation of funny Internet memes, comics, and “Demotivational” posters that can be discovered based on newness or popularity. They can also be both created and shared. iFunny was last updated June 21st and is currently ranked at #7.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

USA Basketball HDUSA Basketball HD — There is a new #1 title on the top free iPad apps lists (#8 on iPhone). USA Basketball HD is an older application (last updated May 26th) that allows players to shoot some hoops with friends, or alone, in various game modes such as H.O.R.S.E. They also get to do so with a gamete of random spherical objects such as tumbleweeds. To monetize, the game offers a handful of in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $7.99. It is developed by a small mobile company called Yogamen, who has breached both the top free iPhone and iPad app charts before with its Crazy Basketball title.

Racing Penguin, Flying Free — In at #2 comes a familiar face: Racing Penguin, Flying Free from Top Free Games – Best Apps. Last updated June 29th, the game tasks users with using physics and momentum, sliding up and down snowy hills, to escape hungry polar bears. That said, the game’s core play is very much the same as the popular TinyWings iPhone app. As for Top Free Games – Best Apps themselves, little information is available, but the iOS and Android company does appear to be a French developer. Currently, Racing Penguin, Flying Free has been made temporarily free for iPad; which is how the iPhone version grew and emerged on the top charts back in June.

O The Oprah Magazine — A top grossing app from yesterday appears at #12 on the top free iPad apps list today in the form of O The Oprah Magazine from newspaper and media company, Hearst Corporation. The digital magazine — last updated June 28th — grants users access to videos from Oprah, excerpts from book suggestions, as well as pieces on fashion and cooking. Additionally, users can purchase beauty products highlighted on the “O List.” Like other digital magazines, O The Oprah Magazine monetizes through a subscription model costing $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Individual issues may be bought for $3.99.

Rock the VegasRock The Vegas — Russian company Game Insight has a newly released (July 1st) title: Rock The Vegas. The new app is currently ranked at #13 and allows players to build and manage their own version of Las Vegas in a tycoon-style business sim mixed with social play. Free-to-play, the game monetizes through the in-app purchasing of both earnable in-game and virtual currencies. As for more on Game Insight themselves, the company tends to focus on social games for the web, iOS, and Android, with its top social-mobile title, Paradise Island, having earned $640,000 in net revenue on Android this past May.

iChromy — The last highlighted free app for iPad today is iChromy. The June 25th-updated title brings parts of the Chrome web browser’s best interface options to the Apple tablet. This includes features such as the Omnibox, Read Later (saving a page to read offline later), opening links in new tabs, and general speed and stability. The application is ranked at #16 and is developed by a company by the name of Diigo, a company centered around the idea of finding, processing, and managing large amounts of information. It is known for its browser add-on that allows users to highlight portions of web pages as well as its Social Information Network of the same name.