Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Sports, Puzzles & Classics Show Growth This Week

New life has stirred within the top paid iOS apps lists this week. While many of last week’s titles continue their strong performances, including tap tap tap’s The Heist, which held onto #1, and Kung Fu Panda 2: Be The Master, which rose to #10, many new and significantly updated titles have risen as well.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Feed Me OilFeed Me Oil — Feed Me Oil is a new $0.99 game from U.K.-based Chillingo, an independent mobile developer and publisher who is also a division of Electronic Arts. Its direct developer, however, is small developer Holy Water Games, with this titles team consisting of only a handful of individuals. Though it was only released June 2nd, the game is already #2 on the top paid iPhone app charts and #12 for iPad. The bizarre-looking game is a physics puzzle app in which users must utilize various physics-enabled objects to direct a flow of oil into the mouths of strange, giant creatures.

Icebreaker Hockey — Another June 2nd release marks the #8 spot in the form of Icebreaker Hockey. This new sports game is a hockey app that tasks players with skating to the goaltender and making the shot while opponents attempt to check them into the nearest wall. The game is made by Natural Motion Games, an Oxford, England-based developer for both mobile and console platforms, and also makes use of the company’s endorphin simulation technology, giving players highly accurate movement amongst avatars and non-player characters. The $0.99 app (which is currently on sale as a Stanley Cup promotion) is also credited to Digital Legends, a mobile developer based out of Barcelona.

X-MenX-Men — Classics make another come back with X-Men at #24. The $2.99 game is an iOS remake of the 1992 arcade game where users control various members of the X-Men as they battle their way through hordes of Sentinels in order to find and stop Magneto. Additionally, the game supports up to four players via Wi-Fi connectivity. Released June 2nd, the game also holds the #9 spot on iPad and is developed by major Japanese core games developer and publisher, Konami. Though the game is nostalgic, the rise is also aided in part by the release of the new film, X-Men: First Class this past weekend.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an rather dated military first-person shooter from international games developer and publisher Electronic Arts. Nevertheless, the game rises up to #25 today due to a June 2nd update which has added major additions to its multiplayer capability. Beyond general improvements, the matchmaking for synchronous multiplayer has been improved drastically and now supports larger, 10-person battles. At $2.99 the game has appeared on our emerging lists before due to large EA sales, but now the update is due primarily to content. The previously noted Digital Legends is also credited with the game’s development.

Gun Building 3D — The last highlighted iPhone app this week is Gun Building 3D which comes in at #31. The $0.99 app allows users to piece together a variety of different fire arms in 3D and test them out on moving targets. A slightly older app, it was last updated June 3rd to add a new gun to its collective: The FNP90. The title is credited to Yizhan Ye. Unfortunately, though nearly 40 iPhone apps are under this developer name, little information about the individual is provided.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Worms 2Worms 2: Armageddon — Kicking off the top paid iPad apps list is Worms 2: Armageddon. The $0.99 application comes is in at #7 (#35 on iPhone). Developed by Team17, the game is everything that made its Worms predecessors fun, which means taking a team of worms and wiping out another team using creative arsenals and physics in a completely destructive environment. Last updated March 3rd, the rise is due to a temporary price cut. As for Team17 themselves, they are British games developer and publisher, across both mobile and console platforms, that has been around the greater part of two decades. The game further monetizes itself through the in-app purchase of a $0.99 “Battle Pack.”

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad — In at #14 is a photography app called 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad from developer Stuck In Customs, or more specifically, Trey Ratcliff, creator of travel photography blog StuckInCustoms.com. As for the title, it is a simple photo app that contains 100 different effects for users to use. 100 Cameras was also updated May 29th, adding integration with Instagram, but its rise is mostly due to a sale dropping the price to $0.99.

Where’s Waldo? HD – in Hollywood — Another day. Another sale. Another rising app. This time it is older app (last updated February 28th), Where’s Waldo? HD – in Hollywood in at the #18 spot. As it stands, the app is marked down 80% and costs $0.99. A typical Where’s Waldo? hidden object title, the game also boasts a synchronous, two-player versus mode. The game is made by Montreal-based Ludia, a developer of several game show and television-based games for the mobile, PC, Mac, console, and Facebook platforms.

Day OneDay One (Journal/Diary) — Another non-game application appears on iPad this week in the form of Day One (Journal/Diary). As the title notes, the app is a digital journal that allows users to easily record their thoughts and comes complete with password locking. Slightly older, the $1.99 app was last updated May 31st with general usability (e.g. user interface) improvements. It is created by developer Bloom Built, who credits Paul Mayne, a single interactive designer.

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD 28 — Rounding out the top lists this week is the second appearance from Natural Motion with their older game, Backbreaker 2: Vengence HD at #28. Using similar technology as in Icebreaker Hockey, this football game brings gloriously gratifying tackling to the iPad as users try to reach, or prevent the reaching of, the endzone. Costing $2.99, the app was updated June 1st, but only with graphical improvements for iPad 2. The growth is likely due to cross-promotion stemming from Icebreaker Hockey.