Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Zeptolab’s New Cut The Rope Title, Lockify

Several games and applications released just last week are breaching the top paid iOS charts. However, no single gaming genre is proving to be more dominant than any others with physics-puzzles, racing and zombie blasting. In terms of non-games, only a few titles showed new growth. MarketWatch was the exception, likely because of turbulence in global markets.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Cut the Rope ExperiementsCut the Rope: Experiments — The small, independent Android and iPhone developer ZeptoLab has had continued success with its puzzle game, Cut the Rope. Now, the company is back at #1 on both iPhone and iPad with the August 4th release of Cut the Rope: Experiments. The core play is still the same in that players must time when they cut ropes to get a hanging candy into the mouth of a creature named Om Nom. This new $0.99 sequel now has a curious professor experimenting on Om Nom, with several new mechanics and puzzles in the game.

Lockify Your Lock Screen HD — The #4 application today is one by the name of Lockify Your Lock Screen HD. The title is a fake security app that presents a user’s iPhone lock screen as things like numeric entry pass codes, fingerprint scanners and so on. That said, the $2.99 title is virtually identical to a past profiled, top grossing app, Lockitize Your Lock Screen. The developer is credited to be Hieu Nguyen (who hosts several iOS apps), but is linked to a group by the name of “Midwest Blizzard Entertainment Inc,” who is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Lockify was released August 4th.

Ninja Fishing — The top charts get a bit stranger with the introduction of the #13 app, Ninja Fishing. The $0.99 title combines fishing with the core play of Fruit Ninja, as players utilize tilt controls to cast a line and snag as many fish as possible, as it is reeled in, then slash with their finger to “catch” them. Ninja Fishing is created by San Francisco-based Gamenaughts, a mobile, social, and PC games developer, whose other noted iOS title is Stickbound FREE!.

Colosseum HeroesColosseum Heroes — Moving down to #35 comes yet another newly released game (August 4th) named Colosseum Heroes. Credited to Korean mobile games publisher Gamevil, the title is a side-scrolling game in which players hack-and-slash their way through multitudes of fantasy monsters. Costing $0.99, the game further monetizes through in-app purchases of virtual currency in prices ranging from $0.99 to $49.99. Gamevil also recently launched a $10 million fund to find game development partners and said it smartphone revenues rose to $5.6 million in the most recent quarter.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed — Rounding out today’s top paid iPhone apps list is the #38 app, SHIFT 2 Unleashed, and once again, it was released August 4th. A more realistic racing game of over 40 cars, the new title is developed by international games developer and publisher, Electronic Arts. As such, the title hosts leaderboards on the company’s new Origin gaming platform. In terms of monetization, the game is currently 40 percent off at $2.99 and has several in-app purchase options for virtual currency. Its iPad version is also ranked at #20.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Zombie GunshipZombie Gunship — A familiar face appears at #2 on the top paid iPad apps list in the form of Zombie Gunship. This previously profiled game was originally only available for iPhone and breached both the top paid and top grossing charts. The game puts players into the gunners seat of an AC-130 aircraft during the zombie apocalypse and they must utilize its armaments to defend a single bunker, for as long as possible, from ever growing hordes of undead. Last updated August 6th, the $0.99 game is developed by Limbic Software, an independent mobile game studio for iOS, whose previous titles include the popular TowerMadness. It’s growth on the iPad, however, is due to the noted making the game universal.

Flight Control HD  — One of the oldest iPad games rises up to #7 today. Flight Control HD is a simple path-drawing game in which different planes, flying at different speeds, must be guided to landing strips that correspond with the color of the aircraft. The idea is to last as long as possible. As the game hasn’t been updated since November, the rise is due to a sale hosted by its developer, Firemint, reducing the purchase price to $0.99. Firemint is an Australian mobile developer who was acquired by Electronic Arts a few months ago.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD — The large international games maker of Gameloft makes an appearance today at #18 (#32 on iPhone) with Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD. The title is yet another more realistic racing game, that pits people against one another (or against AI) in cities such as L.A. and Tokyo. Its last update was April 5th, which added significant updates to its visuals; especially for the iPad 2. The game currently costs $6.99.

Photo FlashPhoto Flash Web Browser — In at #39 is today’s second non-gaming application, Photo Flash Web Browser. Supporting features such as tabbed browsing, bookmarks, and so on, the most important element of Photo Flash is complete Flash support for everything from web video to web games. Last updated August 2nd, with general performance improvements, the $4.99 title is made by 2010-founded app developer Appsverse Inc, whose software tends to specifically leverage cloud-based technology (hence why Photo Flash can run Flash).

MarketWatch Market Data App —  The final highlight today is, technically, not growing for a good reason. In at #42, and still slowly climbing, is an older application dubbed MarketWatch Market Data App. As the title suggests, the application connects users with the financial world ranging from currency conversions, to ETFs, to mutual funds, and so on, across the global market. Unfortunately, the reason the title has been growing in recent time is probably connected to the global stock market rout. MarketWatch is published by Dow Jones & Company and costs $3.99. It was last updated May 9th.