Emerging Free iOS Apps: Monster Magic, FairyFail and the Merry Manor

This week a swath of new releases dominated both the iPhone and iPad charts. Big name developers like Big Fish Games, Gameloft and ZeptoLab all saw their respective offerings do well, but there was still plenty of room for smaller studios, with Secret Headquarters Games and Ideateca seeing their new games do well and Russian publisher AlphaWeb Plus landing three titles on the charts.

New Titles on the iPhone Free Apps List

Angry Chickens Lite – Another week, another suspiciously familiar looking game at the top of the iOS charts. This week’s #2 ranked free app is Angry Chickens Lite, a physics based game that tasks players to tap on some extremely annoyed birds, which causes them to blow themselves and their eggs to bits. The game comes with 30 levels and is credited to Paulo Reis and Portuguese developer Digital-Minds.

Monster Magic Free – This week’s #5 app is the new game Monster Magic Free, a platformer that challenges players to jump as high up as they can in infinite, randomly generated levels. The game features 12 characters, but requires in-app purchases to unlock them all. Monster Magic Free was released on November 22nd, and supports Game Center leaderboards. The game was made by independent developer Secret Headquarters Games.

NFL Pro 2012 – Gameloft’s officially licensed NFL Pro 2012 occupies the #7 spot this week. The free-to-play answer to EA’s Madden NFL 12, NFL Pro 2012 lets players choose from 32 NFL teams, and has a selection of more than 2,000 real players to manage, trade and play with on the way to the top of the league. Players earn experience that can be used to unlock new stadiums, plays and boost the stats of their team or they can purchase experience and credits directly via in-app purchase. NFL Pro 2012 was released on November 23rd.

Slide Soccer – Ideateca’s Slide Soccer – Multiplayer online soccer kicks-off! makes its debut on the iPhone free app charts in the #16 spot. Released on November 27th, the game is an online multiplayer touch soccer game. Slide Soccer is free to download, but a $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks the premium version of the game. Players can also add additional soccer fields and balls via in-app purchases.

The Merry Manor – The #23 free app this week is The Merry Manor, a farming sim from Russian publisher AlphaWeb Plus and independent developer Kotelock. Originally a game on Facebook and Russian social networks like Mail.ru, the Merry Manor lets players fill their farms with the standard variety of plants, trees, animals and decor but also includes some quirky details like 28 kinds of food processing factories and wacky animal neighbors to rope you into plot-based adventures. The Merry Manor was released on November 24th and monetizes through in-app purchases.

New Titles on the iPad Free Apps List

FairyFail – Tongue-in-cheek puzzle game FairyFail kicks off our iPad charts in the #7 position. Released on November 18th, the game takes place in a magical kingdom where evil animals are running amok. A hunter was brought in to trap them, but he accidentally caught as many good animals as he did bad, thus it’s up to the player to figure out how to release the good animals without accidentally releasing the bad ones, who have a tendency to explode in kamikaze attacks. FairyFail is credited to Russian publisher AlphaWeb Plus and developer Demis Meziov.

Always Up! HD – Publisher AlphaWeb Plus gets a record third game on our charts this week with #13 ranked Always Up! HD, a stylish platformer developed by independent studio Diesel Puppet. The game comes with 80 levels spread across five different worlds, and supports Game Center achievements. Always Up! HD monetizes through in-app purchases of level packs and game boosts.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – ZeptoLab is celebrating the holidays with a special Christmas themed addition to its Cut the Rope series. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift features all new Christmas themed levels, Game Center achievements and leaderboards, and even allows players to create and send photo greeting cards with the game’s main character Om Nom. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is currently the #20 free iPad app.

Piggly Christmas Edition HD – Big Fish Games may be known for releasing a lot of hidden object puzzle and adventure games, but the Seattle-headquartered developer has been branching out this year, releasing some arcade style games as well. Big Fish Games’ latest offering, Piggly Christmas Edition HD is one of those rare non-adventure titles. Currently sitting in the #32 spot on the charts, the game is a platformer that puts players in the role of a pig who must gather apples and treats for her young piglets. Piggly Christmas Edition HD was released on November 28th and is free, but the entire game must be unlocked via an in-app purchase.

Bullet Time HD – Danish developer Kiloo just makes it onto our iPad charts this week with their #47 ranked title Bullet Time HD. A 3D action and adventure game, Bullet Time HD follows the story of John Irish, a man on a mission to save his family from an army of mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The game features a single player campaign mode and a three-player co-op mode and monetizes though in-app purchases. Bullet Time HD was updated on November 29th to fix issues with its multiplayer mode.