Elsewhere on Art Basel/Design Miami


We couldn’t drink all the free drinks offered at the art and design fairs in Miami last week (although we tried, by golly, we tried).

Here, a roundup of others who managed to subsist for five days on appetizers the size of a fingernail:

· Michael Cannell was tearing it up over at Dwell’s blog. He snagged an audio interview with Craig Robins, and finagled the definitive quote out of tattoo parlor proprietor Aric Chen when asked if he was getting one: “No, are you crazy?”

· David Velasco has a spectacular round up of the scenesters and the scene at Art Forum’s Diary, with this pithy caveat: “One’s experience is defined as much by the events he misses as the ones he attends.” Double true.

· The NY Times made art and design highlight reels, and because you must know, a video of who went to their party. New blog The Moment has great coverage, too.

· On ANP’s blog Ed Templeton‘s report from the convention center floor aka “the frontlines of art-commerce” includes this price of a Basquiat: $2.5 mil.

· Art Fag City complains, and rightfully so, about how skilled the doormen and list ladies at these parties were at making even the most intrepid art blogger feel like a worthless pile of crap. Even in capris.

· A killer round-up of everything Miami with lotsa links at C-Monster.

· Lindsay Pollock has a nice big-picture view of the whole over-hyped affair at Bloomberg, and, in a very nice touch, even gets a local psychic to predict the future of the art market.

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