Elsewhere in Hollywood …

CoverPeg.jpgDude, He’s a Scientologist. We Don’t Mess with Scientologists: US Weekly is wondering, um, Tom — so, yeah. Uh. Not to bother you or anything, but remember how you had a, um, a baby? Yeah. Well, uh. Where is she?

Bar Girl Barred: The Metropolitan Detention Center has barred a NYT reporter for allegedly flashing her attorney ID – instead of her reporter’s badge – to gain entry to the jail and try to interview Hollywood private dick Anthony Pellicano. The reporter, Allison Hope Weiner, earned a law degree from USC 20 years ago, where, we guess, they didn’t teach ethics.

lindsaylohanbikini-00.jpgIt’s a Dirty Job. Does Somebody Really Have To Do It? There are three things we hate seeing: 1. How veal is made, 2. somebody vomiting and 3. paparazzi in action. Sure we like the photos of Lindsay Lohan wiggling about in her bikini. We just don’t like seeing how those photos are snapped.