Ellerbe Beckett and SHoP’s Atlantic Yards Arena Designs Unveiled


Well, after all that business you’ve heard a million times before about Frank Gehry getting booted, then Ellerbe Becket coming on, and most recently, NY-based SHoP coming aboard presumably to appease the natives, the official architecture renderings for the mired-in-controversy-from-day-one Barclays Center/Nets arena in Forest City Ratner‘s Atlantic Yards development have finally been released (phew). Although most of us have likely seen some of those early leaked that were floating around earlier this summer, these are the gussied up kind, with lots of light and energy. In the end, we think it looks okay, but certainly nothing to write home about. It looks a lot like every other stadium we’ve ever seen. Granted, by its nature of being just a massive empty indoor space for people to congregate in (as well as usually following suggestions that it be warm and approachable to all people), it’s sometimes difficult to do anything monumental with an arena. But after moving from Frank Gehry (no matter your opinion of his work) to, well, this, no matter how nice it wound up being, it was going to be something of a disappointment. But we’re going to hold our tongues from here on out, waiting to see if Nicolai Ouroussoff decides to eviscerate it again.