Warren Doesn’t Get One Job, But Has Support for Another

Richard Cordray Photo: Reuters/handout

After a weekend mishap where @BreakingNews accidentally tweeted that President Obama would be making a “personal” rather than “personnel” announcement today, the press conference to announce the nomination of Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just wrapped up.

Elizabeth Warren, who had been serving as the interim director, wrote a column for The Huffington Post and The White House Blog today endorsing Cordray, who not only has a history working in government, but is also a Jeopardy! winner. So we know he’s smart.

Republican Senators have made their opposition to Warren clear, threatening a filibuster if she were nominated. The CFPB was established to help and protect consumers of financial products like mortgages.

Warren may not be getting the director job, but there are some who would like to see her get a job as a Senator.

“Elizabeth Warren” has been trending this morning on Twitter, with many tweets linking to another story on The Huffington Post that describes an upcoming campaign from The Progressive Change Campaign Committee that will seek to get Warren to run against Republican Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The Nation also supports the idea.

The Washington Post blog outlines some of the reasons why she would be a good candidate. Having this kind of support right out of the gate is definitely one reason.