Elizabeth Spiers: Don’t Stop Believing [In Blogs]

only the young can say.jpgYet more congratulations to former MB EIC and FishFriend&#153 Forever Elizabeth Spiers, who just announced the launch of a brand-new Wall Street blog this coming March. Page Six reports that the site, dealbreaker.com, will be the first in a probable blog network (to which Spiers is no stranger, having been responsible for the launch of MB’s own network of blogs, including this one). Spiers is also no stranger to the heady world of Wall Street, seeing as she worked analyzing small-cap tech stocks for a hedge fund prior to kicking off her blogging career as the founding editor of Gawker.

Fishbowl, meanwhile, is no stranger to Spiers’ newfound inspiration: rocker Steve Perry, whose portrait hangs importantly in Dealbreaker lead investor Carter Burden‘s TriBeCa offices above the words “To Protect and to Rock” (well, it worked for the White Sox). Though Spiers is indeed a small town girl, “born and raised in Wetumpka, Alabama” doesn’t quite have the same ring. Still, we have no doubt that the NYC financial world will welcome her with Open Arms and that she will report unto it Faithfully, Anyway They Want It. Meanwhile, since she and Gawker Media kingpin Nick Denton went their Separate Ways in 2003 (saying “I’ll Be Alright Without You,” and they were), their bloggy businesses have occasionally overlapped (with breathless media reports often wondering Who’s Cryin’ Now), but in this case, Dealbreaker won’t be competing with Gawker at least at this point because Gawker doesn’t have a Wall Street blog. Of course, Spiers’ blog-founding activites are bound to proliferate; Girl Can’t Help It.

Upshot: we, as always, wish Spiers the very best of luck in her new venture, with the confidence that she won’t really need it.

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Disclaimer: Do we still need one? Don’t you read this thing? Oh, fine: Elizabeth Spiers is our former boss and current amiga. Sorry, we just feel like this disclaimer is boring already, and Spanish always adds a little zest.