Electrolux Tries Desperately to Win Design Street Cred With Painful White Boy Rap

The video montage on the site promoting the Electrolux Design Lab is pretty cool–designers getting dirty, welding stuff–and we also like the logo, DESIGN LAB spelled out in a bunch of industrial found letterforms.

So why did Electrolux feel the need to create another call for entries that will completely degrade, alienate, embarrass and horrify the design industry?

Made with childish clip art, pieced together using shoddy animation skills and dubbed over with some of the worst rapping we’ve heard since Brian Austin Green took the stage on that episode of “90210,” Electrosux’s viral video will successfully persuade any designer from applying for what we would think is a pretty good cause. We don’t know for sure, of course, because they’ve trivialized important issues into this cartoonish spectacle that would be more appropriate in a second grade social studies class. No, not even there.

Some lyrics so you can sing along:

This ain’t no gangster rap
Wouldn’t do nothin’ like that
It’s a new approach
Bit like a football coach
To call out a student invocation
It’s a plea to your generation
To think of a creation
The world’s in desperation
Polar bears are in dread
Soon fear, they’ll all be dead
The ice is melting
The earth is smelting
The glaciers will soon be gone
That would be a really sad song
A ding dong d-ding-dong dong

Totally not kidding about a single ding or dong. It gets worse. See for yourself.