Either This Wallpaper Goes Or I Wear It


We’ve seen nice wallpaper in our day, but we’ll confess that it never occurred to us to wear it. We must be operating at even lesser speeds than we typically do, as it has occurred to someone else and we’re not generally used to being this far behind the curve. Ben Pell, described in the Metropolis article as a “trained architect” (aren’t we all?), developed a system called Walldrobe Wearpaper. (Someone call an editor.) With the help of his “research assistant,” Pell came up with this:

Each Walldrobe kit comes with a CD-ROM containing AutoCAD files. These files direct your laser cutter to etch patterns for two possible garments onto each of the 12 leather panels provided. Once you choose which lines to follow and cut along, part of the rejected pattern remains visible, lending an abstract quality to the surface of the piece. Aside from the CD and deerskin leather panels–the latter of which can be ordered in any combination of four colors–the kit includes a bag of snaps and a tool with which to punch holes in the leather. The CD only contains patterns for women’s garments, but offers them in three clothing sizes: 6, 8, and 10.

If we ever had reason to get dressed and/or leave the house, we’d be on it like wallpaper on a wall or clothing on an early evening sorori-chick.