Edward Zuckerberg — The "Father of Facebook" — Uses Paper Pitch for Teeth Cleaning

Okay, this is the strangest story I've seen come out of the whole Facebook history to date.

Could this be any crazier? You’d think Edward J. Zuckerberg, dad to Facebook founder Mark, would use his son’s accomplishments differently to generate new business. Ol’ man Zuck, a dentist in Dobbs Ferry, a New York City suburb, isn’t using the lad’s social media platform to bring new patients in for cleanings and root canals. Rather, he’s taking a content-based approach … on print.

And, it’s the content that’s interesting.

According to a report on CNN, the dentist sends a letter to new residents in Dobbs Ferry to inform them of his business and invite them to come. Of course, the letter is thin on dental details in comparison to his bold (literally, in the letter) claim to be the Father of Facebook. He then touts his own prowess in dental technology, dating back to the implementation of a computer system in 1984 before going into a standard pitch of his services.

It’s a unique twist on social media marketing, to be sure, but there is a kernel of truth beyond his having sired the founder of Facebook. Zuck’s parents did write some pretty hefty checks early in the company’s life to keep the platform running.

So, open wide …

If you’ve been to Dad Zuck’s dental practice, leave a comment below to let us know how it was!

[photo by The National Guard via Flickr]