Editors Offer WaPo Words Of Wisdom

“If you were advising Weymouth and her senior managers, what would you tell them?”

That’s the question WaPo ombudsman Andrew Alexander poses on his blog, soliciting advice from veteran editors from publications such as the Sacramento Bee, LAT and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. An excerpt:

Ethics group leader at the Poynter Institute

DON’T RETREAT: “Don’t let this stop you from continuing to be bold in pursuit of new revenue, even in convening events.”

CROSS POLLINATE: “Start to work on cross pollination within the company. Large newsrooms are traditionally isolated from the rest of the company. In the past that made sense because it protected and insulated our best asset. Now we have to figure out how to leverage our best asset without undermining our core values. Creating a company-wide culture where everyone understands the core values, the various missions of different departments, will go a long way. I don’t think you have to do it with silly retreats and goofy internal training. But getting top managers together on a regular basis and having them all spend time in each other’s departments is important.”

Read the rest of their good advice here.