Fmr. TWT Editor Blasts TWT, Breitbart

Anneke Green, a senior director at the White House Writers Group and a contributor to Cox Media Group’s Rare, does not tiptoe through Washington. Some may remember how she left her job as Deputy Editor of Op-eds at TWT. In her resignation note, she blasted the organization and those who run it, calling them unprofessional and dishonest.

Here she goes again.

This time, in a complimentary piece on Cox Media Group’s Rare, like a bull in a china shop, she comes crashing down on TWT and in an op-ed on U.S. News & World Report‘s opinion blog.

“The spring quarter has been a bad one for the conservative message,” she writes. “… “The Washington Times is known to be circling the bowl with layoffs in January and more rumored to be on the way. (Disclosure: I was deputy editor for op-eds until leaving in December.) Breitbart’s bid to become a legitimate outlet has been stymied by a seemingly institutional refusal to follow standard news practices.”

Later in the post, she has another disclaimer. As she promotes the new conservative media outlet Rare as a glimpse into the future of the GOP, she also admits she works there.

“Already Rare has set itself apart from other outlets with its slick site design and editorial comments on news stories. It has also committed to new features like a personalized site experience, a Rare community that includes event invitations and beefed up original content. (Disclosure: I’ll be writing from time to time as a Rare contributing editor.)”