East Room Reax

Last night while watching the press conference we were musing about how the White House press corps would manage to make a news story out of the President saying very little.

Howard Kurtz landed a good angle this morning with his online column, beginning by quoting the LA Times lead on last night: “President Bush, seeking support from Democrats and moderate Republicans for an overhaul of Social Security, said tonight that he favored changing the pension system to enable benefits for low-income workers to grow faster than those for wealthy retirees.”

Now tell me if you see a pattern. The Boston Globe: “President Bush, in a prime-time effort to reverse the perception that his Social Security plan is faltering. . . . ”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “President Bush acted to jump-start his moribund effort to overhaul Social Security last night. . . . ”

The Wall Street Journal: “President Bush, struggling to give life to his initiative to revamp Social Security. . . . ”

Washington Post: “President Bush made a huge gamble last night in a bid to restore momentum to his flagging proposal to restructure Social Security — and to his presidency.”

By golly, there might be a pattern there indeed.