“Easongate” postmortem: Geek victory parade.

tapereel.jpgNow that they’ve gone and hung poor, serially clumsy Eason Jordan’s head on the trophy wall, an army of wannabe pundits has risen to the surface, most recently one Jeff Jarvis, who told Brian Lehrer today that the goal had not been (no, certainly not!) to bring Jordan down, but to investigate “the powerful.”

Bravo. And bravo again. Except, haven’t we had this discussion, guys? Number one: The issue isn’t what Jordan said (even if he absolutely should be taken to task for his remarks if they prove to be baseless), it’s the actual circumstances under which journos get shot and killed the world over, including in Iraq, not the idle boasts of a cocky CNN exec. And, no, you may not have the tape, because the incident in question occurred during a private function, try as you might to make it public. Simmer. Wipe the froth from your mouths. And say yes to every show booker who calls. Because very soon, they won’t.