Eason Jordan’s Comments Roll Along

ej.jpgWe’ve largely skipped the Eason Jordan story–partly because it’s not specifically tied to D.C. journalism and partly because we’ve been a little busy covering biased right-wing journalists as of late–but the story has still been sizzling, as Dan Rather might say, like a egg on a Dallas sidewalk in July.

Today Jay Rosen offers a lengthy update as to the status of the Eason Jordan controversy (in deference to Rosen, we’ve dropped the -Gate). The short version of his post is he’s (partially) impressed by the work of the blogs and disappointed in the mainstream media and the questions that it’s asking–of Jordan, of the World Economic Forum, and of each other.

If we can put on a serious hat for a minute, what’s particularly instructive to Fishbowl, at least, is how poor the response has been to the questions about his comments from Jordan, CNN, and the Forum. This is obviously an issue that’s not just quietly going away, and yet the folks in Davos and Atlanta seem to think that ignoring (at best) or stonewalling (at worst) the controversy will suffice. While we may not agree with the tactics or the targets, blogs have long passed the point where they can be safely ignored. (Example Numero Uno: This.)

As Rosen quotes CNBC’s Lawrence Kudlow: “The blogosphere has reported on this from day one, and refuses to stop.”