E3 2011 Streaming Live On YouTube

Hey US gamers! If you're dying to find out what's going on in Los Angeles at the annual E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, you're in for a treat—the whole thing is streaming live on YouTube.

Hey US gamers!  If you’re dying to find out what’s going on in Los Angeles at the annual E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, you’re in for a treat—the whole thing is streaming live on YouTube.  You can check out all of the coverage, brought to you by IGN, at YouTube.com/E3.

If you aren’t familiar with E3, it is an annual showcase for the gaming industry.  Gamers and gaming companies come together to build a buzz around upcoming games.  Mark Day of YouTube Gaming writes on the YouTube blog, “You typically need to be connected to the games industry to attend, but as we continue to give you front row seats to local and world events, you can now share in the E3 excitement as it happens.  Expect to see new game demos, developer interviews, expert analysis and more.”

Unfortunately, the live stream is only available to viewers in the United States.  However, there will also be plenty of E3 content uploaded to the IGN YouTube channel, as well as other gaming partner channels for those of you who are outside of the US.

E3 began yesterday with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony press conferences.  However, if you’re in the US you’ve still got two more packed days of live streamed presentations, press conferences and gaming excitement.  The schedule, as listed on the E3 YouTube channel is as follows:

Tuesday, June 7th

Nintendo Press Conference | 9:00am PST
Mass Effect 3 | 1:00pm PST
Battlefield 3 | 1:30pm PST
Batman: Arkham City | 2:00pm PST
Resistance 3 | 3:00pm PST
Starhawk | 3:20pm PST
Twisted Metal | 3:40pm PST
Super Secret Sony Game | 4:00pm PST
Journey | 4:20pm PST
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception | 4:40pm PST
Gears of War 3 (Campaign) | 5:00pm PST
Super Secret Game #1 | 5:20pm PST
Super Secret Remake | 5:40pm PST
Super Secret Game #2 | 6:00pm PST
Modern Warfare 3 | 6:30pm PST

Wednesday, June 8th

Spider-Man: Edge of Time | 11:00am PST
Dead Island | 11:20am PST
Gears of War 3 (Horde Mode) | 11:40am PST
Rage | Noon PST
Prey 2 | 12:20pm PST
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | 12:40pm PST
Saints Row III | 1:00pm PST
Lord of the Rings: War in the North | 1:30pm PST
Ninja Gaiden III | 2:00pm PST
The Darkness II | 3:00pm PST
Street Fighter X Tekken | 3:20pm PST
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City | 3:40pm PST
Super Secret Sequel #1 | 4:00pm PST
Super Secret Sequel #2 | 4:20pm PST
Super Secret Sequel #3 | 4:40pm PST
WWE 12 | 5:20pm PST
Super Secret Sequel #4 | 5:40pm PST
Prototype 2 | 6:00pm PST
BioShock Infinite | 6:30pm PST

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