Dungeon Hearts Blitz launches on iOS, Google Play

Dungeon Hearts Blitz 650

Independent developer Tangent, in association with Devolver Digital, has announced the launch of Dungeon Hearts Blitz on iOS and Android. Originally available in Korea, the game is inspired by Cube Root’s original puzzle game Dungeon Hearts, and offers additional gameplay styles for mobile users.

In Dungeon Hearts Blitz, users complete 150 unique dungeons that combine battle elements with match-three gameplay, in a style similar to that of Puzzle & Dragons, among other mobile games. The game offers “two-tap controls,” as gamers tap once to select a symbol, and tap again to swap it with another symbol on the board.

During each battle, players make matches of three or more like-colored orbs to cause their team members to attack enemies on the top of the screen. Each warrior has a color affiliation that matches the colors on the board, introducing strategy to the experience. That is, if gamers have more than one red hero on their team, matches with red orbs will be more beneficial than those with other colors. Users can purchase new team members with free coins or with premium currency, and they have the option of pulling in another user’s hero before each battle begins.

Players earn gold and experience points after each battle, along with runes that contain special powers and skills. This gold can be used to instantly level up heroes, increasing their stats (like attack power), or to power-up these runes. For instance, one rune may unlock a dragon bolt attack capable of doing massive damage to a single enemy. Runes can be enchanted with other, lesser runes, in order to make them even stronger.

“Tangent is thrilled to bring our unique vision in Dungeon Hearts Blitz to a worldwide market and deliver a deeper match-three RPG experience for mobile gamers,” said Ben Yoo of Tangent Korea. “It’s been a pleasure to work within the universe of Dungeon Hearts and expand upon the original game with new signature gameplay mechanics.”

Dungeon Hearts Blitz is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.