Dueling Videos: Mitt Romney and President Obama Talk About Jobs

Turning away from same-sex marriage for a minute, both Mitt Romney and President Obama have released videos that discuss jobs, or the lack of them. As the economy continues on the shaky path to recovery, the job market is still a hot-button issue.

Above, we have the latest from Romney, which spotlights three Iowans who have struggled to find work. “A Few of 23 Million” means to show that President Obama’s economic policies have failed, though it makes no mention of the opposition the President’s policies have faced during the course of his first term. Besides jobs, the Republican National Committee says it’ll be focused on the national debt this week.

President Obama’s clip highlights those who lost their steel working jobs in Missouri, after Romney’s Bain Capital took over.

Romney has come under fire (from his own Republican opponents, no less) for his association with Bain and his disconnect with the average working American. This video hits home with that message. And one of the former workers in the clip calls Bain a “vampire,” which is not only a real yowser of a descriptor, but harks back to the Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone article from 2010 that caused a huge stir for describing Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Still packs a punch.

A six-minute version of the ad is available on the website promoted in the clip, RomneyEconomics.com.

Moreover, both videos tell their stories not just with the words spoken by the people onscreen, but with the scenery and moodiness of the videos themselves. Politico notes that the snow in Romney’s video indicates that the video had been made a while ago, but adds a touch of bleakness.

The political candidates are aiming not just for the head but for the heart.

Side note: In other election news, Ron Paul announced yesterday that he would cease active campaigning, but says he’s still going to see things through the National Convention. More info about this strange turn of events here and here.

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