DreamWorks Animation: An “Over the Hedge” fund?

In light of it’s just-released lousy earnings this quarter, (and indeed, the next six months) talk is rampany about the future viability of DreamWorks Animation.

Indeed, the LAT today points out in a think piece today, Dreamworks shares fell 35 cents to $26.75 on Monday, “well below the $42.60 it reached in December 2004” and “about a dollar below its initial offering price of $28 a share.” toilet.jpeg.jpg

In other words, with Pixar now part of Disney, there’s plenty of reason to for last man standing Dreamworks sell, but no incentive, since a sale would leave it’s orignal investors and biggest stockholders, among them David Geffen , Jeffrey Katzenberg and Paul Allen, with mega-losses.

With “Shrek the Third” still a year away, we starting to see why DreamWorks is calling its next release “Flushed Away.”