Dragon City inhabits top spot on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

infeatureSocial Point’s Dragon City took the top spot on this week’s list of the fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, up 2.61 million MAU for a gain of 13 percent. Since Dragon City launched in May 2012, the game’s gradually climbed the traffic charts, though it looks like the gains are slowing down to the point of plateauing in the near future.

Pretty Simple’s hidden object game Criminal Case took in 1.96 million MAU, putting the game at No. 2 with a 24 percent gain. King.com’s newest “Saga” game, Pet Rescue Saga, came in at No. 3 with a 7 percent increase of 1.46 million MAU. Zynga’s CastleVille had 1.16 million MAU this week, placing at No. 4 with a 16 percent gain. CookApps’ Pengle rounded out the top five games on this week’s list with a 14 percent increase of 647,152 MAU.

Four games on this week’s list saw traffic gains greater than 30 percent. CMUNE’s free-to-play shooter UberStrike brought in 629,941 MAU, a 33 percent gain. Qublix’s Bubble Land was the big gainer this week, up 318 percent with 502,544 MAU. PopCap’s Hidden Agenda grabbed 315,065 MAU, a 37 percent increase. Finally, GameHouse’s GameHouse Casino grew by 56 percent with 825,287 MAU.

1. Dragon City21,318,750+2,614,031+ 13%
2. Criminal Case9,712,500+1,966,406+ 24%
3. Pet Rescue Saga23,343,750+1,466,802+ 7%
4. CastleVille8,156,250+1,157,919+ 16%
5. Pengle5,087,500+647,152+ 14%
6. UberStrike2,406,250+629,941+ 33%
7. Bubble Land618,750+502,544+ 318%
8. Panda Jam3,825,000+470,401+ 13%
9. Bubble Island7,468,750+453,498+ 6%
10. Family Farm3,462,500+398,202+ 11%
11. Pool Live Tour12,762,500+396,213+ 3%
12. Diamond Dash24,717,139+383,187+ 1%
13. Disney City Girl3,050,000+378,955+ 13%
14. Bejeweled Blitz8,593,750+372,761+ 4%
15. Bubble Saga4,137,500+371,362+ 9%
16. Baseball Heroes3,775,000+358,488+ 10%
17. Marketland2,812,500+339,678+ 12%
18. Village Life4,775,000+331,145+ 7%
19. Hidden Agenda1,100,000+315,065+ 37%
20. GameHouse Casino825,287+311,018+ 56%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back for our look at the fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users on Wednesday and top emerging apps on Friday. You can learn more about Facebook’s new ranking system here.

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