Dr. Ruth Back in the Swing With YouTube

Sexologist woos advertisers via video platform

At 83 years old, you’d think Dr. Ruth Westheimer would have hung up the sex advice gig a long time ago. But, instead, the ’80s celebrity sexologist has joined YouTube. And she’s eager for advertisers to show her new channel some love.

At a recent event for health marketers at Google’s New York office, she told the crowd that she launched her YouTube comeback to bring her years of experience to a new generation.

“What has not changed is the need for human interaction,” she said. Still cheeky, the doctor admitted that she has other objectives too: “I want to make money. I don’t want to sit at home.” It’s all part of a larger effort by Google to match health marketers, especially pharmaceutical clients who have been limp about Web advertising, with select YouTube partners (who get extra support from Google).

Only 15 videos are on the site now, but Dr. Ruth and Google say they plan to build it out and pitch it to advertisers, digitizing dusty clips from Lifetime’s The Dr. Ruth Show and other now-retired TV shows. Advertisers have yet to sign on, but Dr. Ruth says she has a foolproof way to sweeten the deal: “Tell them that I promise them good sex.”