DPC On Bloomberg HQ: ”Awesome” But ”Orwellian”


Our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia, visits the Bloomberg Tower on Beacon Court to take a tour and havbe lunch with some of their journalists. Columbia comes away with a generally favorable review of the design, despite the initial intensity of the infamous Bloomberg LP security gauntlet:

”A lot of security to get in. This kind of thing is an immediate turn-off to me. I can ‘understand’ the ‘need’ for security but I don’t like the implications. I thought of turning around and leaving but my curiosity got the better of me; so I went through the process for entry.”

And we are glad he did. More after the jump …

Later, Columbia sums up his experience, thusly:

”This is what Michael Bloomberg wrought: an extremely efficient, state-of-the-art workplace being used by extremely efficient industrious workers. All amazing and an admirable accomplishment. But. I still had my reservations. I had the feeling that for all its efficiency and state-of the-art, I was in an Orwellian dwelling, a place for Kafka-esque dreams: the watchers are watching.”

And the watchers spelled his name incorrectly on his ID badge (see picture). Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies? The full review here.

(image via nysocialdiary)