Download uTorrent to delete BitComet

I have discovered uTorrent (BitTorrent client) few months ago and I’m completely sure that it is the best torrent client ever made. Previously I used BitComet but it is using a lot of memory and is slowing down computer and actually it is the main reason why I started to search for alternative. Some of my friends was already using uTorrent and was very happy with it – so I decided to give it a try.

download uTorrent

What is uTorrent

uTorrent is free torrent client that helps you to save time – it works really fast and is downloading your files with speed of bullet. Biggest uTorrent advantage is the simplicity of it – uTorrent is very resource friendly application and you shouldn’t be worry that it will use all free memory of your computer – leave this “feature” to others torrent clients.

BitComet vs uTorrent

No doubt – uTorrent is the winner! It can work faster and it is better from the side of usability. Who else – Azureus? You’re kidding me, right?

Increase uTorrent download speed

Actually I feel pretty fine with the download speed but I think some of you maybe can have some problems and may want to speed up uTorrent. For this reason I recommend you to visit sites listed below and uTorrent Forum where you can find many interesting and useful information about uTorrent together wit new announcements and tips and tricks for this torrent client. I don’t know any other resource where to search information about how to speed up uTorrent and if you know some – post a comment below this post.

Articles how to increase uTorrent download speed:

How to increase download speeds of uTorrent

Speed up Bitcomet and uTorrent

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