Local Meteorologist Mimes Weather Warning

NBC Washington’s Doug Kammerer often tweets out a map of the D.C. area as a teaser for his weather forecasts. Before his report last night, he took an alternative approach.

“Here is my face with how I feel about tomorrows weather,” he tweeted. “What does that tell you?”

Attached to the message was this Teenage Dream photo of Kammerer (right).

“Sad panda weatherman!” remarked one of his followers. “You have jaundice?” asked follower Carlos Martinez. “Don’t frown… will give cute weatherman wrinkles,” warned one of his older female fans.

Today’s forecast called for rain in the evening and a high of 48F.

We asked Kammerer by email if he had other facial expressions for different weather patterns. If it had been sunny and slightly breezy with a 67F high, what would his face have looked like?

Kammerer has yet to respond, but we’re guessing it would look something like this: