Doug Brinkley, Presidential biographer, professional mourner

Brinkley returns

What comes after death? If you’re famous, Doug Brinkley.

Brinkley, who Slate’s David Plotz called “John [F. Kennedy] Jr.’s most prolific mourner” appears to be making an encore appearance for the death of Hunter S. Thompson. Plotz on Brinkley, following the death of JFK, Jr:

Between Saturday and Tuesday, Brinkley appeared on MSNBC, Late Edition, Meet the Press, Good Morning America, Dateline, Today (twice), and NPR (twice). He also penned columns about his relationship with Kennedy for Newsweek and the New York Times, and was quoted everywhere else ink touches paper.

According to the Washington Post, Brinkley cut a $10,000 deal with NBC for a week of exclusive Kennedy commentary, but then agreed to provide it pro bono. Editors at George are reportedly so annoyed about Brinkley’s death punditry that they have dropped him from the masthead.

From today’s Denver Post:

Thompson’s family remained in seclusion as security guards stood under two scrap-metal buzzards perched on either side of Thompson’s driveway.

Presidential historian Doug Brinkley was flying to Aspen on Monday night to act as a spokesman.

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