DotEmu Founders Form Playdigious, Announce Pix the Cat for Mobile

Playdigious will publish premium and free-to-play games for smartphones, tablets and TV.

DotEmu founders Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand have left the company, which specializes in modern re-releases of older titles, to form Playdigious, a publishing company for smartphone, tablet and TV games.

Liard and Tisserand sold DotEmu to a private investor in September 2014, who plans to continue the company’s trend of re-releasing older video games. The pair officially left DotEmu in June 2015 to establish Playdigious, which will publish both premium titles as well as mid-to-hardcore free-to-play games. The company’s first release will be Pastagames’ Pix the Cat.

Previously released on PC and console, Pix the Cat is a fast-paced arcade title in a similar style as Pac-Man. Players navigate a variety of environments, collecting special symbols (like eggs) and may be asked to deliver them elsewhere on the screen while avoiding obstacles and racing against the clock.

In a statement, Xavier Liard, CEO at Playdigious, commented:

With over one million players on PC and console, and an average Metacritic review of 80 percent, Pix The Cat is a perfect fit with our premium product line. We’re very happy to be working closely with the Nvidia and Pastagames teams for this first Playdigious project.

Pix the Cat is expected to release on iPad and Android tablets, as well as Nvidia Shield and Android TV, this fall. DotEmu, meanwhile, is working on its own upcoming mobile releases, as the company announced Ys Chronicles II and Titan Quest for mobile at E3 2015 in June.

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