‘Doomed by Diversity’

One of the glories of Romenesko’s media site are the incredibly inane arguments that go on over there. Today’s case-in-point: Whether Jeffrey Goldberg‘s career has been “doomed by diversity.”

It all started with a Washingtonian piece by Harry Jaffe about how the New Yorker is using the Washington Post as a “farm team”–what with eight Post alumni as NYer editors/writers. In that column, Goldberg explains he left the Post when he couldn’t get a permanent job and an editor “took him aside and said, ‘We would like to hire you, but we have to hire a Hispanic for that slot.'”

The Post’s David Nakamura responded by writing a self-righteous and stupid-sounding knee-jerk letter. Then Goldberg fired back today.

The winner? Media navel-gazing. The loser? Thoughtful, intelligent debate.