Don’t Write Your Next Blog Post Without Checking These 3 Twitter Search Tools

Blogging can be tough, so why not make things a little easier for yourself by leveraging Twitter?

If you’re an avid blogger, you’ve no doubt run into a few snags from time to time: writer’s block, uninspired pieces, half-formed ideas that never seem to make it to publication.

But these problems don’t have to throw a wrench into your blogging plans.

Using tools to search Twitter, you can battle writer’s block and other common blogging issues, freeing yourself up to create the best, most unique posts possible.

Here’s how.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Twitter Marketing

BuzzSumo is a social media search engine that helps you discover trending content related to any topic you can dream of. You simply enter a keyword or phrase, and filter by date (from the past 24 hours to the past year). Then, you will be presented with the top content across social media.

In the example above you can see the top three search results for the topic “Twitter Marketing”, based on the number of shares each article or blog post received across not just Twitter, but Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterst and Google+ as well. You can sort by a particular network, such as Twitter, to display a different set of results for the same search term.

Using BuzzSumo, you can discover what resources people in your industry are sharing right now, or which ones have been popular over a longer period of time. This can inspire you to respond to a popular opinion piece, take a new angle on an old, but still useful, topic, or add your own insights to a trending topic.

2. Topsy

Topsy Twitter Marketing

Topsy allows you to search for any keyword or search term, and view a list of links, tweets, photos, videos or influencers pertaining to your search.

The “Links” view will display popular articles, blog posts and other publications, in a similar fashion to BuzzSumo – but only measuring popularity on Twitter. However, Topsy can also inspire your blogging if you filter by “Tweets”. This view will show you the top tweets in a period of time between the past hour and the past 30 days. Here, you can see what people are tweeting about in your industry. Are they asking questions that you could compile into a FAQ? Are they debating over a topic that you could add your two cents to? These results can be a powerful way to get new ideas for your blog, or infuse half-formed ideas with new life.

3. Twitter’s Advanced Search

Advanced Search Twitter Marketing

Last but not least is Twitter’s own Advanced Search. This tool is similar in nature to Topsy, and will show you the most recent tweets about a certain topic or keyword, the top tweets, top accounts, photos, videos and more.

One advantage of Twitter’s Advanced Search is its powerful search functions. You can search for tweets that were sent from a specific location, tweets that include a URL, or tweets that ask a question. Each of these, and other, search functions will serve up different results, and can inspire new blog content in different ways.

So before you write your next blog post, check these tools to see what’s popular on Twitter – more often than not you will discover new angles, statistics, perspectives and topics to fuel your content.

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