Don’t Like HootSuite’s New “Publisher” Dashboard? Here Are 5 Simple Tools To Schedule Your Tweets

Yesterday, HootSuite rolled out its new “Publisher” feature that would, supposedly, make it easier to schedule and manage your tweets from multiple Twitter accounts and with multiple team members. However, as we pointed out yesterday, it also broke scheduled tweets and is causing a headache for many social media managers.

If you’ve had problems with HootSuite’s scheduling lately, or you just want to tuck away some alternatives for a rainy day, here are 5 other ways you can schedule your tweets.


Buffer is an innovative Twitter scheduling tool. You simply throw in the tweets you want to schedule into your Buffer (these can be retweets, @mentions, anything), and they are scheduled for you throughout the day. Buffer takes care of choosing the optimal time to tweet, and avoids flooding your timeline with tweets sent out too close together.


Similar to Buffer, Timely is a simply little app that first analyzes your past 100 tweets to determine the times that you should have been tweeting, and then schedules any tweets you drop into it for those times. It’s designed to give your tweets the most impact – when the most eyeballs will be on them.


Twaitter is a robust Twitter management solution that allows businesses and individuals to schedule tweets to go out in the future, as well as schedule recurring tweets. It also offers a pretty cool calendar features (incidentally, something that HootSuite’s new update also adds) that allows you to view the tweets you have sent out/will send out daily, weekly and monthly.


FutureTweets is a free tool that lets you schedule your tweets to go live in the future, and also enables you to schedule repeat tweets daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. They suggest you use their service to never forget a birthday again – just future tweet it!


Taweet is a unique tweet scheduling tool/events tool rolled into one. It asks its users “What’s happening in the future?” and provides a social calendar via Twitter. You can schedule events on Taweet, and they will be tweeted to your account.