Don’t Abuse The Anonymous Tip Box, Keep The Comments Coming

Anonymous2.jpgIt’s summer and there’s not much going on in the city, but we can’t help but notice that our anonymous tip box has been getting a lot of attention recently.

We’ve been editing this blog for a little over a month now, and although we are so grateful for your continued feedback and tips, we have to point out that the anonymous tip box should be used appropriately. There is a place for comments — there are comment boxes below each and every article. By sending your comments to us directly, “anonymously,” through the tip box, you take away the ability of our community to discuss your ideas and opinions. That kind of discussion is so important to blogs, and we want to encourage it. (Plus, you can still remain anonymous as a commenter, if you want.)

As a result (and because it’s Friday and we wanted to have some fun) we have posted some of the comments that we have received over the past few days below, as well as the articles we think they were in response to. We want to hear your voice, we just want everyone to hear it, too. So continue to give us your feedback and comments, and we’ll respond to you, too.

Anonymous tip sent June 18 11:56 p.m.:

“colbert is 1 million times better than you”

We think this comment referred to this article: Colbert Takes On Newsweek. Our take: when did we ever say he wasn’t?

We also think this comment had to do with that article, too. It was sent via email–not anonymously–but we wanted to share:

“Excuse me but with all due respect, is Newsweek even relevant today? Was it ever? Should anyone care?”

Anonymous tip sent June 19 8:52 a.m.:

“i’m too dumb to read both magazines us magazine is better cause they got better pictures of celebrities. yeah”

This comment definitely referred to this article from yesterday The Atlantic Tries To Pin Down The Economist‘s Success In Dying Magazine World because the headline was included in the tip. Hey, if you’re going to go through the trouble, you might as well post it in the comments!

That being said, there are many different ways to reach out to the editors at FishbowlNY. Email. Twitter. Even the tip box. But keep the comments coming in the comment area. We want to hear your voice!