Doing The Job To Win The Job

Nick Corcodilos proposes in his Ask The Headhunter e-mail newsletter a revolutionary idea in hiring: “Managers can eliminate waste and cut down on hiring errors by hiring people who prove themselves.”

He says this was once common in our country, but bureaucracy and “policy” has changed that.

He suggests bringing promising candidates on for a 2-3 day tryout. Paying them a reasonable amount, of course, and being covered by plenty of liability insurance. But the end result is that yes, instead of choosing someone based on their ability to interview well, you’re choosing them on their ability to do the job.

This doesn’t jibe so well with fast-growing companies, who don’t really have their job descriptions banged out, or for anyone who’s looking for less of a “hit the ground running” and more of a “grow into the role” candidate. Can you assess someone’s ability to learn on the job in just a couple days? Maybe. We’re not sure. Plus, we’re fairly positive that Corcodilos’s proposal is giving HR departments aneurysms. But it is an interesting idea. Would you want to be judged not just on your resume but on your ability to do the job?