Does Your College Make the “Most Influential on Twitter” List?

Everyone is proud of their own alma mater, but here’s another source of pride for some: Klout has revealed the top most influential colleges on Twitter. These colleges have not only cultivated large networks of current and former students on Twitter, but they have highly influential professors and administrators tweeting regularly as well. Find out if your school made the list.

The Klout blog took a look at the influence level – determined by their proprietary algorithm that measures the engagement level of a user’s Twitter network, the reach of a user’s tweets, and over 30 other factors – of the top colleges in the US. The top ten most influential colleges might surprise some: they’re not all Ivy League superstars.

The clear winner is Sanford University with a score of 70 out of 100. Sanford has been listed over 1,000 times, has had over 1,000 unique retweeters, and has had a single message reach over 250,000 accounts.

The top ten most influential colleges on Twitter and their Klout scores are:

1. Sanford University – 70
2. Syracuse University – 64
3. Harvard University – 64
4. The University of Wisconsin-Madison – 64
5. University of California, Berkeley – 56
6. Butler University – 56
7. Tufts University – 55
8. University of Minnesota – 52
9. The University of Texas at Austin – 52
10. Marquette University – 52

So, did your school make the cut? If not, maybe you should send them a DM telling them to amp up their Twitter use!